Send money to Nigeria Through the Worldwide Trusted Service

Nigeria receives 17.5 billion remittances, and that is a vast amount that diaspora does money transfer to Nigeria. They must have been using many methods to send money to Nigeria. According to the UN, the ratio to send money globally is increased, but the cost applied to it still high.

It is the main reason a person wants to send money want way with reasonable prices but full-fledged features. Then online money transfer companies jump into the market and helping people to send money to Nigeria online at a low price than other money transfer service.

Why Do People Prefer Online Money Transfer Services To Send Money To Nigeria?

Here a question arises when you see everyone is using online money transfer services. What are the specifications that urge people to send money online? Let’s have a look at them:

  • Low fee
  • High exchange rate
  • Multiple transactions and payment methods
  • Fast turnover time
  • Less effort and hassle-free transactions

There is also one primary reason that people do not want to go out to send money globally. In the routine, one is tightly bound with his/her schedule and want to spend his leisure time with family/friend. Especially in the COVID-19 circumstances, everyone prefers to stay at home, and every business is locking down. Still, ACE Money Transfer has got your back and make it possible to send money to Nigeria online.

Make sure in your mind that all money transfer companies do not offer the same level of features. If you want to facilitate yourself with a full-fledge package ACE Money Transfer offers you the best features of all.

Low Fee:

The fee is the primary concern of any sender that wants to send money to Nigeria. Most of the studies show that people love to do the transaction in the lowest fee. But do not get blindfolded looking at the zero-fee tag on any company it may be a spam. ACE Money Transfer offers you to make a transaction in the lowest fee without any hidden or additional charges.

High Money Exchange Rate:

Exchange rate ensures that your recipient will get more of your sent transaction if it is high. The ACE Money Transfer provides it. You must notice it every currency pair has a different exchange rate. E.g. if you send money to Nigeria from UK.

Multiple Transaction and Payment Methods:

It is useful if you have numerous transaction methods, i.e. you can money transfer to Nigeria for bank transfer and cash pick-up. Also, you can perform on different platforms (iOS and android) and devices (PC, Laptop, Mobile and it only needs to be internet-connected) to transfer money to Nigeria online.

You can make payment for your transaction in multiple ways. These are online bank transfer, credit card and debit card.

Fast Transaction Turnaround Time:

Generally, it is specified that online money transfer services are faster than other methods to send money online. But make sure to check the money transfer service transaction turn around time. To make sure it is feasible for both you and your recipient to manage it. But ACE Money Transfer offers the best quick transaction time to reach to your recipient.

Less Effort to Make a Transaction:

You can create an account by downloading the ACE Money Transfer app or their website in only five or ten minutes. You only need an internet-connected device, some information to insert and a few essential documents to upload to verify the person.

You can make transaction sitting at home with few clicks by choosing the recipient and entering the amount to send.