Send money to Nigeria with ACE Money Transfer Service

Are you worried about your niece living in Nigeria? Early in the morning, you received the phone call from your niece, who is studying at the University of Nigeria. She was worried about the current situation she was facing, without the waste of time,

She wants you to send her the urgent money as she has to pay the hostel dues. She also told you that tomorrow is the last day to submit the dues. Otherwise, she would be kicked out of the building. Now it’s your time to worry about the way to transfer money online to her as soon as possible.

In this article, you will learn about:

  • ACE money transfer service
  • It’s pros
  • It’s services and method
  • It’s use

which are required to be answered to you in this critical situation.

About ACE Money Transfer

There are many options to send money to Nigeria. But the main problem is what to choose and what not to choose?

The basic parameters of ACE money transfer services are evaluated below;

  1. Payment methods

The methods of sending money an important role in an instant and immediate money transfer. ACE money transfer service provides various options, bank accounts, credit cards, debit cards.

In case of any ambiguity, a customer can consult for professional customer service. These services are provided to the customers 24/7.

  1. Easy and user friendly

This service provides an easy and user-friendly environment for its customers to feel comfortable and relax.

  1. Fees and currency exchange rates

ACE money transfer service charges the lowest fees. It may vary with the company, sender country, and receiving country.

It provides a better currency exchange facility. It is essential for the sender of the local town.

  1. Delivery modes

The delivery process plays a vital role in comfortable and targeted money transfer. ACE money transfer provides various sending options for money transfer to Nigeria.

Cash pickup points

Cash pickup points are present in different areas of a certain locality. It requires physical effort to cash the amount which is sent from the other end.


In this case, the bank account of a recipient is required to send money from the sender’s side. The data is transferred in minutes. And then the recipient can pick up the money when he wants to.


This is the digital method of sending payment from Germany. Since ACE money transfer services are working hard to meet up the needs of the customers and give them easy to use methods for their comfort. That’s why it has linked itself with the Giropay service to send money anywhere from Germany in no time.


Bancontact is the most popular online payment method in Belgium, with over 15 million cards circulating. The time has come when you can also transfer money easily from Belgium to Nigeria being a part of the ACE money transfer.


You can track your amount, after doing registration at the website by giving your essential details. During the process of registration, you will receive the code, which helps you to track your money.

These are the features of the ACE money transfer service. Wherever you are, you can send money to your niece in minutes.


Online money transfer service has paved the way to ease. It has made the living standard easier and reliable. ACE money transfer is providing its services since 2002, and now it has introduced new sending methods to make the comfort zone easier and to make its customers happier. It has its branches in many countries, which is the pure evidence of its hard work.