Send Money to Nigeria with Reliable Option

Do you think sending money to Nigeria is not easy now? Did you face a problem while sending money online and have a smooth way to do that? ACE money transfer service is here to help you that is practising in the remittance industry from more than a decade. Have a look at the Nigeria remittance and find out how essential your payments to your country and your loved ones. Remittance-receiving households in Nigeria have an increased income of close to 60% compared to those who don’t receive funds from abroad.

How Can You Money Transfer to Nigeria?

Sending money to send is a matter of minutes and some taps. You can send cash through the web portal or using an app of a specific money transfer service. Some steps that you must follow are elaborate.

The first step that you must do after selecting a money transfer service is the creation of an account. You need to enter the required information by a money transfer service. When it comes to your name, make sure to enter your name according to your bank account name or identity card name.

Next step is selecting your recipient country and the amount you want to send. For this purpose, you need your recipient information so that money reaches to him/her. If you’re going to money transfer to Nigeria through cash pick up you, do not need much details except recipient name, ID number or social security number or pay-out location. If you want to send money to your recipient bank account, you need a bit more information that must be accurate. This information includes bank name, branch name, account number and IBAN. So that money sends to the exact place where the sender wants.

Talking about the pay-out location, you as a sender need to select a place where your money is available to the recipient. But you can choose only a pay-out location that is listed by an online money transfer service. You are not able to add a pay-out location of your own choice. So, it is better to select money that is present in the list and feasible for your recipient to pick up cash.

The main thing, you need to pay for the transaction if you want to send it to your recipient. The transfer of the payment will not be processed until you pay for it. There are some standard options that credit card, debit card and online money transfer.

Cash Pick Up and Online Transfer

 ACE Money Transfer offers cash pick up and direct account transfer for transfer money to Nigeria. Money transfer takes a short time in the process of a transaction. If you want to send money more rapidly, you can send money online for cash pick up. It takes moments to complete your transaction, and your recipient can pick up very quickly.