Send Money to Pakistan Through the Most Natural Way

send money to Pakistan

Pakistan is one of the top remittance recipient countries in the world. It indicates the vast number of migrants moving abroad for earning and sending money back to their home country. They face huge fees and unreliable options. What about having a reliable alternative? Pakistani migrants usually are seen tired of paying a high price. Let’s head toward the main topic. In this article, you will find the most reliable option to send money to Pakistan.

Money transfer service allows you to send money at a minimal fee. It gives you ease to send money anytime with the vast network in Pakistan. Let’s have a look at some features that makes ACE Money transfer unhedged by other money transfer options.

Low Fee

 ACE Money Transfer service allows you to send money online to Pakistan by paying a low price, unlike other money transfer services. Not only that, you can send money anytime or any day with ease.

High Exchange Rate

 The exchange rate is always a problem and significant to consider for sending money. It has a substantial impact on your transaction. If you do not about the exchange rate impact; read ahead. If the exchange rate is reasonable, it means closer to the mid-market price. It means your money is exchanged at an excellent price for a particular transaction. ACE Money is offering you the best exchange rate for online money transfer to Pakistan.

Fast Transaction

 If you want to send money faster or your recipient needs cash quickly, you can help yourself by using ACE Money Transfer excellent service. It graces you transfer with the fast transaction. You can send in moments whether it’s a cash pick-up or bank transfer.

Cash Pick-up

If you want to money transfer to Pakistan via ‘Cash Pickup’, the recipient can pick up cash from all branch locations of affiliated partner banks nationwide. Ask your receiver to take the 14 digit pin to affiliated banks along with his/her original CNIC to pick up cash payments.

Bank Deposit

If you were in need to send money globally and to someone in a Pakistani bank account when banks closed? No Problem! ACE Money transfer can help you send money to any bank account in Pakistan within minutes, any time of the day or night. Payment can send to all banks in Pakistan.

These banks are listed below and your recipient can pick up the following banks and their branches:

  • Allied Bank
  • Bank Alfalah
  • The Bank of Punjab
  • JS Bank
  • Silk Bank
  • Meezan Bank

How Can You Send Money to Pakistan?

Device and User-Friendly Option (Web Portal):

You can send money in Pakistan online using a laptop, desktop or tablet through an online money transfer web portal. It is a super flexible fit in any device screen and use.

Use App (On Your Mobile Device):

If you are in a rush or not in a position to use any other method than your phone, then ACE Money transfer got your back. ACE Money Transfer App is available for both Android and iOS users.