Send money to Pakistan with ease

Send money to Pakistan

You can send money to Pakistan with simple and easy steps with the help of online money transfer services like ACE Money Transfer. Remittances to South Asia grew 12 percent to approximately $131 billion in 2018, the 6 percent growth as compared in 2017. Pakistan’s remittance growth recorded 7% which is moderate. Most of the remittances sent from Pakistan to the countries are Bangladesh and Afghanistan. Saudi Arabia is the largest remittance source for Pakistan. Personal remittance received in Pakistan is 21,194,000.00 in current US dollars estimated b The World Bank staff. The ratio of sending money is still growing to form the Past years.

Popular money transfer services

Western Union:

Western Union is a quick and easy online money transfer service. The delivery options that Western Union providers online or on the go and in person. To send money online credit or debit card, directly from your bank account.

For the cash pickup, you can pick up your cash set more than approximately 8,800 agent locations.

For the bank transfer, have your money wired directly to your bank account with the lowest fee.


This is a safe and fast cash transfer service to transfer money to Pakistan. Delivery options that WorldRemit offers are, Cash pick up, bank transfer, Mobile money, and Airtime top-up.

For the cash pickup, your money will be ready to pick up instantly just within 3 minutes. You can pick up your cash from the branches from the National Bank of Pakistan, Bank of Punjab, MCB, Bank Al Habib, Allied Bank, U Microfinance, and Xpress Money.

For the Bank transfer, this is a fee-free offer if you send more than £170 or more to Pakistan. Your bank transfer directly to the bank account in the listed branches. Those banks are HBL, UBL, Bank Alflah, Standard Charter, and Bank Al Habib.

For Mobile Money, the transaction will be completed in two hours. You can send money over the Jazz cash network.

For Air time top-up, your money will be transferred within minutes. You can send money to Pakistan over these networks: Jazz cash, Telenor, Ufone, Warid, and Zong.


This is a secure and convenient money transfer service. TRANSFAST is providing, Send money at super rates and low fees. You can send money to Pakistan with some steps: Select PAKISTAN and amount Enter recipient detail and payout info and Fund your money transfer. They have a strong network with banks in Pakistan. Those banks are 9 in number. Delivery options that TRANSFAST provides are Bank deposit and cash pickup.

For the bank deposit, TRANSFAST does instant bank transfer any time a year to Habib Bank, MCB, United Bank, Allied Bank, and Askari Bank.

For cash pickup, they provide approximately more than 7,000 locations nationwide. The money will be available to pick up at your selected location for payout.

XOOM- A PayPal service

This is a fast and easy way to send money to Pakistan. XOOM has a strong connection to banks in Pakistan like the National bank of Pakistan, MCB, UBL, Bank Alfalah, and Allied Bank.

Delivery options that XOOM provides are cash pickup and bank deposit. You can send money for the cash pick and bank deposits to all banks mentioned above. These banks are working throughout Pakistan.

Your bank deposits and cash pickup are typically available in minutes for pickup or withdrawal.

ACE Money Transfer

What makes ACE Money Transfer better of all is that you can send money to Pakistan online anytime with the lowest fee. You can send your money instantly and their transactions are quick and simple. Best exchange rates are provided by ACE Money Transfer with the usage of optimal exchange rates. They value customer’s privacy and money that’s why it is safe and secure. As people are sending money to Pakistan to their loved ones, friends or families. ACE Money Transfer makes it easy to send money to Pakistan so that you can too. Many payment options are provided by ACE Money Transfer that is cash pick up and bank transfer.

How you can send money with ACE Money Transfer?

You can send money with three simple steps for the people or customer ease:

  • Choose Country (Pakistan) & Amount
  • Choose Your Recipient
  • Send Money around the Globe!

You can track your transaction on the ACE Money Transfer website by inserting the tracking number.

The delivery options that ACE Money Transfer provides are cash pickup and bank deposit.

Cash Pickup in Pakistan

You can instantly send money to Pakistan. ACE Money transfer has a strong banking network in Pakistan. These banks are 8 in number. You can transfer your money to the following banks and cash will be instantly ready for pickup:

  • Bank Alfalah Pakistan
  • Bank of Punjab Pakistan
  • JS Bank Pakistan
  • Silk Bank Limited Pakistan
  • Meezan Bank Pakistan
  • MCB Bank Limited Pakistan
  • United Bank Limited Pakistan
  • Allied Bank Limited Pakistan

Bank Transfer to Pakistan

Money transfer to the bank is instant. ACE Money Transfer will provide you with the best exchange rates and zero fees. Subject to the valid bank account detail, the receiver’s account will be credited instantly.

More details:

You can check the daily exchange rates on the ACE Money Transfer website and on your Facebook feed if you are registered with them. ACE will provide you with the best exchange rates and amazing services. Your remittance experience will be amazing with ACE Money Transfer. You can download their app from the Google play store and the App Store. Their app is amazing to use. They have awesome ratings and reviews. Your all activities and details are summarized there and only visible to you.

Why people or customers choose ACE Money Transfer?

People choose them because they are safe to transfer money with them. They provide you with amazing customer support. Its environment is comfortable and user-friendly. It is easy to use and convenient. It has been 17 years of ACE Money Transfer sending money online around the World. These number of years attract the customers to trust them. ACE is trusted and verified by Trustly, MasterCard, and VISA.

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