Send money to Philippines most safely and efficiently Way

send money to Philippines

Among the top recipient countries, the Philippines ranks in 4th place. A vast population from the Philippines go abroad to earn and send money to Philippines every end of the month.

But you must know and have an eye on the basic necessity of any migrant if you try to send money online. ACE Money Transfer charges a low transfer fee and provides a high exchange rate. Not only that they are providing the full-fledged system to send money to Philippines. Let’s have a look at its features.

Low fee

Although the ratio of Sending remittance is high price tends to increase. That makes an unpleasant environment between money transfer sources and customers. ACE Money Transfer is offering you to money transfer to Philippines in the lowest fee to your loved ones. You can save your money from additional fee and hidden charges.

High exchange rate

The high exchange rate is also another need to send money globally with good effect. It ensures that your cash will be sent and converted in your recipient’s currency at a very best rate. It means that your recipient will get more of your posted transaction.

Multiple transactions sending ways

If you got this in any money transfer service, it would benefit you and your recipient a lot in any situation. Two transaction ways help you send money to Philippines. One is bank transfer that allows you to send money to your recipient’s bank account. You can do it in a least-cost manner.

Other is cash pick-up that will enable you to send money to Philippines instantly. There are multiple pay-out locations where your recipient goes and pick up their cash.

Sending money to Philippines

Do you want to have multiple ways to pay for your transaction? ACE offers you to pay through more than one option.

  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • Online bank transfer
  • Money Transfer via trustly

How can you create a transaction?

Sending money through ACE Money Transfer service is super easy. There is also a significant concern of sender that they must have a transparent and straight forward or best way to send money to Philippines. ACE take care of its customer by giving them an unambiguous way. Let’s have a look at the shortest method to do in few taps.

  • Create an account or register with ACE Money Transfer website
  • Install ACE Money Transfer App for online transactions.
  • Select the payment method
  • Choose your recipient country.
  • Select a pay-out option; it can be an online bank transfer or cash pick up.
  • select pay-out location
  • Enter the amount you want to send to your recipient
  • Choose your beneficiary or create a new one
  • Confirm payment
  • double-check your setting and info

Using ACE Money Transfer service

After reading all great benefits that give you ease for money transfer to Philippines like before urge, you send cash through online money transfer service. Hold on! There are much more like excellent customer support and care.

ACE Money Transfer offers you to their customer support actively via call and e-mail. The customer tends to back to use their service when they interact with the best and excellent service ever.