Send Money to Philippines – Some Hassle-Free Ways To Follow

Philippines is one of the world top countries that receives most of the remittance. You must know that Philippines is also ranked high as the country that has a high population but in low and middle-income countries. Also, the fee for sending money is very high; that is why Filipino migrant face huge financial charges for their remittance. Are you the Filipino migrant looking for a low fee way to send money to Philippines? Then you are in the right place to find the best possible way to send money to your loved ones.

ACE Money Transfer is a professional and secure way to send money online. They are famous for low fee charges for international transfer. Let’s look at its amazing features.

Low Fee:

As you read earlier, the flat cost is the main consideration for any sender. ACE Money Transfer not only offer you to send money at a small price but also provide you to send money without any additional charges or hidden cost.

High Exchange Rate:

It is an undenied truth that sender must want to send money in low fee, but there are some other factors that no one can ignore like Exchange rate. It must be high to ensure that your money will convert to another currency at a high price.

Many Money Transfer Ways:

If your loved ones live in a vastly populated country, then they must need various ways to receive money. Also, it is beneficial for you if you want to send cash in emergency. For money transfer to Philippines, they offer different ways like cash pick-up and bank transfer.

The fastest method considers the cash pick up. You can send money in minutes, and your recipient will receive it by going to cash pick-up location.

Create A Transaction

  • Create an account or register yourself
  • Choose Destination Country means your recipient country
  • From the Pay-out calculator, select pay-out option, i.e. Cash pick-up
  • Preferred Pay-out Partner nearly present to your recipient
  • Enter the amount you want to send
  • Enter Recipient Info
  • Choose Payment Method (e.g. Debit Card, Credit Card or Online Bank Transfer)
  • Confirm the details, and you are ready to send money

Platforms You Can Use to Send Money

ACE Money Transfer provides the easiest way to send money. That is why they have developed a great environment to transfer money.

You can use the Money Transfer Web portal to send money. If you are not in a condition to send cash through your PC or Laptop or you love using your Mobile device, ACE has a solution for this. You can easily send money to Philippines through the Android or iOS money transfer app, what you like to use.

Perks and Customer Care:

ACE Money Transfer is a great company that interact with their customer in different environment and conditions to tell them that they are with their customer.

They have celebrated all countries most significant occasion on a social media platform and offers them a great gift. Like you can send money for a fee or meagre fee than never before.

They are very active to answer any customer asking for customer support. You can have their customer support via call, email and live webchat. They are generous in replying and problem-solving. If you ask any query on a social media platform like Facebook, the respond promptly.

All of their efforts for their customer makes them happy and encourage them to use their service again to have Rapid and excellent remittance experience.