Send Money to Philippines Through ACE Money Transfer

Send money to Philippines

Have you chosen online money transfer service as the ultimate way to send money to Philippines or any other part of the world?

Now is tensed by seeing different online money transfer service providers and is unable to select the most authentic, reliable, real and secured one among these?

On the one hand, online money transfer service is providing its bona fide facilities to their customers. At the same time, it is confusing its customers by providing multiple operators for this cause.

You opt online money transfer service by keeping in view the following benefits of this service:

  • Instant money transfer to Philippines. Minimal or zero additional dues on transfer
  • Multiple delivery options
  • Multiple transfer methods
  • Convenient and comfortable approach
  • Multicurrency accounts

An online money transfer operator provides all these services. You are at a loss when you get enrolled in a money transfer service provider that is a counterfeit and plays with you by showing up the same services but leading you to an unpropitious situation.

At this situation, activate your smart thinking and look for the following facts before you plump for a specific money transfer service operator.

Transfer Duration:

Transfer duration is the period in which your money is a transfer from the host country to the recipient. And this all can be using a money transfer company providing the least time to send money to the Philippines or send money abroad.

Service Switch Time:

Most of the time it happens that you select a package offered by the money transfer company and after choosing the offer you get to know about the hidden charges within the box. Or it may happen that the purpose of selecting the service has ended and now you want to either cancel the package or change it.

There are money transfer service providers that provide enough turnaround time for their services. It’s better to consider this factor and choose such money transfer company giving this service.

Availability of Online Money Transfer Service Provider:

The critical thing to take in notice while choosing online money transfer service provider to transfer money to Philippines or any other place of your choice is the availability of the company. You can be facilitated by all the other services only if the company is accessible 24 hours.

Transfer Options:

 Choosing the online money transfer service operator providing different money transfer options proves beneficial at your part. A forward contract, i.e. you can lock an ideal exchange rate now and can transfer money later

Such offers put you at ease every time you ought to send money online to Philippines.

Multicurrency Options:

 The biggest snag of wire money transfer is that it does not provide an exchange for all the currencies. Online money transfer service beautifully overcomes this drawback by giving multicurrency accounts.

Using this service, you can receive an amount directly in peso or pounds whatever you want, by sitting in the Philippines from the UK having different currency accounts on your Smartphone using the ACE Money Transfer app. Choose a service provider giving this facility and put yourself at ease.

Exchange Rates:

 An exchange rate is the price of a country’s currency in terms of another currency. Most of the companies provide good exchange rates on money transfer to the Philippines or any other part of the world. Checking the authenticity of a money transfer company, do see the provision of its exchange rates and go for the company providing best exchange rates.

ACE Money Transfer; Meeting Your Expectations:

If you are ready to send money to the Philippines and just going to opt for any money transfer service company, have a look at the given table and judge the authenticity of ACE Money Transfer service.

Factors ACE Money Transfer
Transfer duration24 hours
Service switch time3 hours
Availability24 hours
Transfer optionsAdditional options along with online transfer
Transfer methodsMultiple
Multicurrency optionYes
Exchange rates1 pound = 65.3 peso

By seeing all these facilities, you can choose ACE Money Transfer as assuming it the most trustworthy, reliable, safe and secure money transfer service. It will surely meet your expectations as it is delivering its promises and satisfying its customers for the past 17 years receiving excellent customer reviews.


 Choosing a reliable money transfer service operator is a confusing process. Still, taking in the notice the factors mentioned above will help you come out of this confusion, and you will be clear about your decision. By reading this article, you happen to more ease as our company provides the entire facilities one wants to send money online or any other part of the world.