Send Money to Senegal – Choose One With Better Exchange Rates

One of the prominent countries of Africa, Senegal, is a place of hardworking people. The country is not financially stable. A large part comes from remittance, and many families are relying on the money that are sent from another country from one of their family members. A number of expats in UK send money to Senegal, as this is a better source to support their parents, children and other close relatives. The priority is to find a reliable money transfer company that offers low fee and better exchange rates for their customers.

In addition to this, it is really important to check the reviews of their customers from a neutral source, such as Trust Pilot. Before you send money online, make sure the company is offering your preferred method to send money.

For money transfer to Senegal, a large number of expats like to choose cash pickup. The reason is that many receivers don’t have a bank account, so collecting cash is better instead of a whole new hassle. When it comes to choosing a money transfer company for better exchange rates, an extensive number of expats are choosing ACE Money Transfer from UK and many European countries. They have a large number of satisfied customers too.