Sending money from Pakistan

Sending money from Pakistan

From the past few years, the growth of sending money from Pakistan is increased. Pakistan sent remittance growth is 13.14 percent in the first quarter of the fiscal year 2018-2019 which is approximately 5.40 billion US dollars. The World Bank staff estimates the Personal remittance paid in Pakistan in current US dollars for the year 2018 is 129,000.00. Pakistan is expected to receive a remittance of 22 billion US dollars in the financial year 2018-2019.

Ways of sending money from Pakistan

Online money transfer organization:

Talking about the money you trust one among many. These are some trusted online money transfer organization:

  • Western union: It is one of the well known and reliable services. Through the western union, you can cash pickup through an agent. You can keep track of your transaction for your knowledge whether it is received by the receiver or where it is. This is a fast service but their maximum principle send amount is $3,000 US dollars.
  • Money Gram: Money Gram is a fast, easy and reliable service. Through money grams, it is easy to sent money from the location near you. Find an agent location near to you. Secondly, give all the information needed and make your transaction. Then complete your transaction and notify your recipient.
  • Currency Transfer: This online market place safe, secure and convenient. They provide you better service and full transparency.

People adopt this kind of method to transfer money from Pakistan to where they want. When they don’t trust online money transfer companies but everything has some week points whether it’s a fraud or tax.


Banks are not very suitable for sending money from Pakistan. If your amount is big they impose a huge tax on you. Banks do the wire transfer to abroad bank account after making the whole process.

Forex Brokers:

These brokers are for sending or receiving currency in Pakistan. Some of the best brokers in Pakistan are written here. Beware of being dogged or fraud by the local brokers.

  • Pakistan Currency Exchange (Western Union, also an online service provider )
  • Five Star Trading Company(MULTAN)

ACE Money Transfer

All the features and services a sender wants to send its money to anywhere or Pakistan are all in one. ACE Money Transfer is also an online money transfer organization.

ACE money transfer charges you a low fee and great exchange rates. It is safe and secure. It provides you multiple payment methods, whether it is a bank transfer or cash pick up.

Feel confident to use it and present your mind for what you are doing ;).

You can track your transactions for your knowledge. You can use their app for their services. You can install the app on google play store and app store. ACE Money Transfer app has amazing positive reviews and 4.5/5 ratings. All reviews give us the confidence to use its services. ACE provides you great customer support.