Sending Money to My Son in Senegal for Medical Purpose

My son is doing an educational workshop in Senegal. Senegal is primarily in rural areas, and with limited natural resources.

More than one-third of the population lives below the poverty line, and 75% of families suffer from chronic poverty. This is one of the reasons why I often send money to Senegal to take care of my son.

It was a grand moment for me when my son went abroad for the workshop. It was a great deal for him and me. As a father, I know I’m a bit worried but also excited to know that he is fulfilling his dreams.

But life doesn’t always go according to a definite plan, and overseas apprentices such as my son can find themselves in critical need of cash.

And as a father, I’m willing to help him anyhow. He is severely sick and is hospitalized due to pneumonia. And I have to send him cash for his treatment while he is in Senegal. I can help him only through money as I can’t go there in the flesh.

Send Money to Senegal Through Bitcoin

Bitcoin-based money transfer allows lower fees. It is accepted in Senegal. But it is a dangerous matter, and I can’t take a risk and put my son in more harm than he is already in. So no, it is not the right choice for me.

Money Transfer to Senegal Through Bank

As a first thought, I’ll think of sending money via bank. In Senegal, all reimbursements to foreigners assent to be approved by the Central Bank Senegal (SESRIC). Money transfer is usually done through SESRIC.

All I need is the IBAN and BIC of my account and my son’s. The downside is the fees; the cost can be fair or high, but the cost is not my problem. The major hurdle is time as money transfer can take a few days, which I can’t afford as my son’s life is at stake.

Send Money Online to Senegal

Numerous banks will send money online in Senegal, and all I need to do is go through the bank particulars of my recipient. But I need a faster and secure way of money transfer. Send money online to Senegal is not a complex task anymore due to the ACE Money Transfer. It’s the best option for sending money online. It provides the best services. It will transfer money in moments.

Online Money Transfers Services in Senegal

An additional option is money transfer services, such as ACE. I can give money in any form I like, and I’ll get a reference number — this is the key to unlock the cash, so it needs to be given only to my son and no one else.

ACE transactions are simple, comfy and instant. ACE provides multiple reimbursement options. ACE is a protected and easy way of money transfer to Senegal. ACE money transfer provides an instant cash pickup and bank transfer.

A 24/7 Available Services For Online Money Transfer

ACE is an easy way to send money to Senegal online. ACE enables us to send money, 24/7, and that too from the comfort of your home. They are approved by Trustly, MasterCard, and VISA. This online money transfer service provides the best exchange rates and low fees.