Should you use EFT Payments in your Business?

If you are a business owner, you would always prefer to indulge in saving time and money. You may undoubtedly be using automated software to track incoming and outgoing payments. There are also different kinds of software available in the market that automate emails to your customers and vendors. 

Likewise, electronic funds transfer (EFT) payments might be suitable for your business to save time and money. ACE Money Transfer is offering EFT transactions for customers to to do money transfer to Pakistan, including loved ones, friends, and families. With an extensive network of facilitators, you can send money to almost anywhere in the world. 

What Are Electronic Funds Transfers?

Before proceeding ahead, let us learn more about the concept of electronic funds transfer in detail. EFT transactions are discussed in detail, so you must know what electronic funds transfers (EFT) are.

An EFT is defined as an electronic transfer of money, usually from one bank account to another. People can send money via electronic funds transfer between one or multiple financial institutions. For instance, an appropriate example would be direct deposit ACH. Generally, an electronic funds transfer transaction can be executed electronically via a computerized network. Create an account on the official portal of ACE Money Transfer and start sending money with EFT transactions. So, the receiver can get instant payments directly credited into their account. 

Use of Electronic Funds Transfer (EFTs) 

During an EFT transaction, the sender account is debited while the beneficiary account is credited. Electronic funds’ transfer is also known as electronic banking. The concept of EFT transactions was introduced to promote convenience in the transfer of funds. Since the transaction is performed electronically, it is free from cash or paper checks. The involvement of electronic funds transfer covers areas like:

  • Electronic checks
  • Wire transfers
  • Online bill payments
  • Debit or credit card transactions
  • ATMs
  • Direct deposit payments
  • Instant payments

Benefits of using EFT for Businesses

Businesses are moving fast, with prompt payments and instant cash flows. An EFT transaction assists people to send money to support various objectives. There are numerous benefits of using EFT for businesses. Let us discuss a few of the advantages of using EFT payments. 


  • An EFT transaction can save you from paying expenses and devote additional time & money.
  • People can receive payments within minutes or hours.
  • An EFT transaction saves you from the trouble of paper checks since everything is performed electronically.
  • An EFT transaction enables people to perform automated payments with nominal fees. 
  • An EFT payment is secure and keeps you away from the risk of losing money or getting robbed. 

ACE Money Transfer provides customers with safe and secure EFT transactions. All you need is a digital account to make your first EFT transaction with ACE. Time to make cashless transactions with ACE and send money to anyone worldwide. 

Are EFT and ACH The Same or Different? 

Most people are confused about the difference between electronic funds transfer (EFT) and automated clearing house (ACH). An ACH payment is a type that is based on EFT. So, you can call all ACH transaction types of EFT, but not all EFT transactions can be considered ACH payments. 

The electronic funds’ transfer covers all kinds of electronic transactions. In contrast, an ACH payment is executed within the Automated Clearing House network. For better understanding, you can consider payroll and direct deposit as ACH payments. 

Additionally, ACE Money Transfer allows you to manage EFT payments with the assistance of an app or digital portal. People can send an instant money transfer to multiple accounts with ACE using EFT transactions. 


The world is advancing with impressive innovations in the technology sector. Similarly, the digital era of transactions supports customers with the option to perform EFT transactions. The future of the transactions is based on EFT transaction, which is completed electronically and involves automated payments. ACE Money Transfer is a reliable money transfer service provider, enabling EFT transactions. Step up and change the game with EFT transactions and send money anywhere across the globe in minimal time.