Some Prior types of trading money

Money Transfer Service

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List of money transfer service:

There are the following famous types of an easier way of sending money from one place to another. You can easily send your money within a short duration and in an efficient way. The list is:

 Azimo.
 PayPal.
 Payoneer.
 OFX.
 FairFX.
 Currency fair.
 InstaRem.
 MoneyGram.
 Xoom.
 TransferWise.

Here is a brief description of all these types of money transfers.

Azimo. The following characteristics of Azimo are:

  • It can transfer easily low payments.
  • It takes low fees and very competitive with other services.
  • It transfers money very efficiently.
  • It sends money to many countries.

Some drawbacks of Azimo are also present which are:

  • It did not send currencies to all countries. It is limited to some countries.
  • It does not take cash payments.

PayPal:   The following characteristics of PayPal are:

  • It deals with personal as well as business accounts.
  • It also pays utility bills.
  • It also deals with digital payment services.
  • It can easily convert 57 currencies.

Some drawback of PayPal are also present which are:

  • It shows sometimes poor support.
  • It shows weak exchange rates.
  • It has no power over the buyer.

 Payoneer: The following characteristics of Payoneer are:

  • It actively receives payments.
  • It takes lower fees.
  • All transactions are done online.
  • It also sends you payment or transferring your money history.

Some drawbacks of Payoneer are also present which are:

  • It has only limited access to international transfer.
  • It shows high rates of exchange of money.
  • It has limited access to make further payments.
  • It takes fees for receiving and refunding money from one country to another.

OFX: The following characteristics of OFX are:

  • It supports the public to 24\7.
  • It takes no extra funds for the transfer of money.
  • It deals with a personal transfer, business transfer, and online money transfer.
  • It handles 960, 00 currencies in 2018.
  • It handles with fraud detection.

Some drawbacks of OFX are also present which are:

  • It has no maximum limit of transactions.
  • It does not deal with money transfer to Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Congo, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Sierra, and Belarus.

sending money online

FairFX: The following characteristics of FairFX are:

  • It is very fast and efficient.
  • It is very secure and encrypted for the transferring of money.
  • It is affordable and has a reasonable range.
  • It takes no extra charges.

Some drawbacks of FairFX are also present which are:

  • It does not support US customers. Money cannot transfer from the US or to the US.
  • It does not transfer money online.
  • It will not transfer money minimum to $100.

Currency Fair: The following characteristics of Currency Fair are:

  • International students can easily enjoy this service.
  • It can deal with emergency and non-emergency transfer of money.
  • It can deal with business payments online.

Some drawbacks of Currency Fair are also present which are:

  • It is a very low paid service.
  • It is not a reliable service.
  • It has no secure and encrypted service.

InstaRem: The following characteristics of InstaRem are:

  • It can easily transfer and transact money in 8 different countries.
  • It transfers money to North America, South America, Asia, Europe, and Oceania.
  • It holds no hidden fees or any type of funds.

Some drawbacks of InstaRem are also present which are:

  • No access to tablets or android systems.
  • It deals with bank-to-bank service.
  • It has limited dealing with only 24 currencies.
  • It needs too many documents for processing.
  • You can only transfer money from that account which is under your name.

MoneyGram: The following characteristics of MoneyGram are:

  • It is a foreign exchange money transfer service.
  • It is encrypted and secure.
  • It has a range of mobile networks, online services.
  • It has a lower exchange rate.
  • It transfers money currencies to over 200 different countries.

Some drawbacks of MoneyGram are also present which are:

  • It does not offer a wide range of countries for money transfer i.e. Burma, Kenya, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Zimbabwe.
  • MoneyGram will never confirm your identity, details or any type of password.
  • MoneyGram sometimes not respond to your E-mail.

Xoom: The following characteristics of Xoom are:

  • It can help in quick funding and deposit.
  • It takes no time for the signing process.
  • Bills can easily be paid from the Xoom.
  • It helps in a 128-bit encryption system.
  • It helps in great accountability.

Some Drawbacks of Xoom are also present which are:

  • It has a very range.
  • It converts currencies in limited countries.
  • Its customer service is not available by 24\7 to the public.

TransferWise: The following characteristics of TransferWise are:

  • It has affordable transferring money service.
  • It is convenient for all.
  • The service works swiftly and efficiently.
  • It also connects with Facebook messenger and the online system.

Some Drawbacks of TransferWise are also present which are:

  • It takes a high amount and also take extra funds for transactions.
  • It only converts 15 currencies.
  • It takes the maximum amount to transfer.