Strongest Currencies in Asia

Asian countries are showing remarkable growth rates during recent decades. The Asian territory is home to greatest world economies including Japan, India and China. The oil-rich nations such as Kuwait, the UAE, Oman and Iran are known as the strongest Asian currencies in the world.

The Kuwaiti dinar is the strongest and the most valued currency in Asia. Dinar has been Kuwait’s currency since the 1960s and it was briefly displaced by Iraqi dinar. Due to the fact that Kuwait has vast oil reserves, it owns the highest per capita income rates. The worth of dinar in the euro is 2.90 or 3.329 US$.

Bahraini dinar was unveiled as the replacement of Gulf rupee in 1965. It is quoted as the second-valued currency in Asian. Bahraini economy earns the greatest benefit from its strong banking and financial sector along with construction and petroleum export sector. Bahraini dinar is worth 2.65US$.

Moreover, Oman Rial is worth euro 2.29 or 2.60 US$, rich for its oil and gas-based economy and is among the strongest Asian currencies following Jordanian dinar which is worth 1.41US$; facilitated by petroleum refining, clothing, inorganic chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

Moving towards the Singapore dollar, it is also one of the highly-valued currencies in Asia as it positions itself as one of the most valuable trading hubs in the world. The strong economy of Singapore boosted its currency value and it is worth 0.75US$.


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