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ACE Money Transfer is a well-known brand known for its services in various ways of sending money online to almost any destination as it is providing its services to about seventy countries throughout the world. It is efficient in sending money online with authentic ways that are reliable and the rates are so very reasonable.

The ACE Money Transfer is stress-free to use through its easy ways and the services are approachable at every city in each country through its various headquarters. The process is effort-free while you may also get the guidance by its workers who work diligently and are appreciable.

Transferring of money in Pakistan:

It is easier to transfer money to Pakistan from all around the world. The following transfer method of money to Pakistan is:

  • TransferWise.
  • Payoneer.
  • OFX.
  • Worldremit.
  • Xoom

TransferWise: the best option to transfer your money in Pakistan is through the TransferWise method. It works at a very low cost. It is connected to the bank and transfer money abroad at cheaper rates.

Payoneer: a new kind of transferring money that sending or receiving money from any country. The sender gives money through debit card and receiver withdraw from ATM. There is also an option of sending money directly to the receiver bank account.


It is mostly used to sending money to a larger amount. The High amount can easily transfer from any country to Pakistan via OFX.

Worldremit: it is widely used to send small or lower amount from any country to Pakistan. It takes not high payment or funds. It is almost reasonable for everyone.

Xoom: if you want to send money more than $1000 then this method is great as it will not charge extra funds and free of cost.

Send money to Canada: it is easier to send money to Canada from any country. You can transfer your money within a short duration to your target place in Canada.

There are following steps to transfer money to Canada which are:

  • Beginning your transfer.
  • Select your rate.
  • Delivered of money.

Beginning your transfer: the first process is to start a process of sending money. This is either done by credit card, debit card or online system.

Select your rates: the rate must be chosen. It would neither be too high or too low. If it is too high then it is sure that the following service takes extra charges from you. Or if it is too low that means that the quality of service is not good.

Delivered of money: the recipient gets money easily via bank or online services.

Services which transfer money to Canada: the following services which transfer your money to Canada easily and swiftly are:

  • Currencies direct.
  • InstaRem.
  • MoneyGram.
  • OFX.
  • TransferWise.

Currencies direct: it is a first money sending service and provides a free-fee service to the international transferring of your money. It can handle business accounts, personal accounts, and online seller accounts. It provides great and efficient service since 1996. It sends money through online, bank service and many mobile apps.

InstaRem: it is an online money transferring service which sends money without any hidden charges. It does not add any charges like the nominal fee for the transferring of money. Recipient easily gets a notification when he will receive his payment.

MoneyGram: it is a globally secure and efficient service for the transfer of money. It gives you many choices on how to send money is up to you. They pick up money within a minute and complete all processes and send money to Canada within a short duration.


The best option to transfer your money in Canada is through the TransferWise method. It works at a very low cost. It is connected to the bank and transfer money abroad at cheaper rates.


It is mostly used to sending money to a larger amount. The High amount can easily transfer from any country to Canada via OFX.

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Transfer money to Nigeria:

Money can easily transfer to Nigeria within a short duration and send with swiftly and efficiently. People fall into the need to transfer money to other places from time to time. With the ease of having able to send money online, this need can be eased by send money to friends or family members and even to the businesses. Besides the involvement of the sender and the receiver, there is a third party involved in this process.

Phases of Sending Money to Nigeria

  • An account is to be made containing all the personal information and biodata such as name, date of birth, contact information, etc. with the money sending service provider.
  • The information of the person who is receiving money is to be provided.
  • Among all the options for the transfer of money, select one which is better suited to your case. After that, all the detail of the transfer is to be provided
  • The transfer of money can be traced through the receipt or notification through every step of transfer.

Also, there is a disadvantage that the exchange rate is kept so low matching to the rate of the mid-market. Even the rate used for the interchange between the banks and the service providers themselves is greater than the rate offered by banks for sending money online.

How to Choose a Company for Sending Money Online to Nigeria

Sending money online to some far-flung places is somewhat a risky task mainly when you are new to such things. There are thousands of websites there to guide you but most of them are fraudulent.

Transfer of money to the Gambia:

 Sending money to the Gambia is also very easy. The following steps are involved which are:

  • First, of all, you have to select the amount you want to send to the Gambia. The charges rate will be not as high for providing a service.
  • Secondly, enter the recipient name and location in The Gambia. Select the option about which service you want to transfer your money.
  • You can also transfer your money or fund it via a debit card or online system.