January 22, 2020
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send money to Pakistan

Just as our family and friends are important, sending them money is too. When it comes on transferring money to Pakistan it is always suggested to send money online. You can almost send it anywhere in Bangladesh. Online banking allows the user to conduct a transfer of money using internet. It is one of easiest […]

send money online to Nigeria

Online payment transfers are one of the most widely accepted technology upgrades, around the world. People don’t have to waste their valuable time by physically visiting the bank or MTO’s payout location, solely to transfer some bucks. In 2018, a total of 689$ were sent internationally and online transfers have played an important role in […]

send money online to Gambia

Money transfers through mobile applications is a very useful and progressing concept, in all over the world. Different industries have stepped into this field which has created a competitive market. The customers can compare different online money transfer systems and choose what is best for them. But how can you find the best suitable app […]

send money to Ghana

A huge number of people wonder how money transfer services survive in such a huge competition and how do they get served after bearing all the massive costs behind this. Well, the answer is not very simple. It is a great challenge for money transfer organisations to make their pace in the world and it […]


It is a commonly known fact that Nigeria is country that receives a major percentage of international remittance on a yearly basis. Nigeria is a country that is on the path to development and so far, the government has been unable to provide good educational, health and living opportunities. This compels a major proportion of […]


ACE Money Transfer is one of the most growing companies in the world. People who are using this company are finding it as one of the most perfect companies in all regards. The company has maintained its existence in more than 60 countries in the world. One can rely on the company as they can […]


Promoting the Legalization of Money Remittance through Online Channels  Aftab Currency Exchange Private Limited widely recognized as ACE Money Transfer hosted the highly enlightening GLOBAL REMITTANCE EVENT in Manchester, UK on September 22, 2019. ACE Money Transfer is a global partner of several banks and financial institutions around the world. What distinguishes this event from […]

iPhone 11 Pro

Have you been dreaming of getting an iPhone 11 Pro?  ACE Money Transfer provides you with an excellent opportunity to make this dream come true. Well, it is obvious that every other person wishes to own the iPhone since it has been released. As now all you need to do is to use the service […]