October 17, 2019
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Send money globally

In this dynamic world where business can be done from anywhere send money globally is available from many companies. Thousands of companies have set up locations across the world along with send money quickly online. The time taken to send money globally anywhere takes 10 minutes to 10 days depending upon the place where the money is to […]

Send money to the Philippines

Living out of your home country makes you think more about your loved ones. The Philippines out of the country want to send money online. Send money to the Philippines is now at the doorstep with the advent of the internet. Send money online is the quickest, faster and reliable source. The World Bank shows that the remittances […]

Send money online

Today the world is full of opportunities. Send money online is one of the best ways to transfer money anywhere at any time. One can easily transfer money to their friends and family without wasting any time. The speed of the transaction is the most valuable reason for sending money online. Many companies are providing […]

Money Transfer to Bangladesh online

World Bank reported Bangladesh is the 9th country who receives the most of Money Transfer from abroad. Indeed there are many ways to Money Transfer to Bangladesh online. You surely want to know about the best that creates a confident environment for Money Transfer to Bangladesh online. Which Countries does Money Transfer to Bangladesh the […]

Money Transfer app in Pakistan

A report presented by the survey, according to that more than 60% of people have been using the Money Transfer app in Pakistan. Do you think money transfer through the app in Pakistan is difficult or headache for normal living people? No, Money Transfer app is the best and easy way to transfer money in […]


Promoting the Legalization of Money Remittance through Online Channels  Aftab Currency Exchange Private Limited widely recognized as ACE Money Transfer hosted the highly enlightening GLOBAL REMITTANCE EVENT in Manchester, UK on September 22, 2019. ACE Money Transfer is a global partner of several banks and financial institutions around the world. What distinguishes this event from […]

iPhone 11 Pro

Have you been dreaming of getting an iPhone 11 Pro?  ACE Money Transfer provides you with an excellent opportunity to make this dream come true. Well, it is obvious that every other person wishes to own the iPhone since it has been released. As now all you need to do is to use the service […]

Sending Money to Nigeria

The ACE Money Transfer is functional in nearly seventy countries all over the world. So it is likely wherever you are, your country might fall into these 95 countries with these facilities. Standing for Money Transfer, the ACE Money Transfer is listed in the UK having its important users in the UK as well as […]