January 29, 2020
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The most common technology in the age of fast-paced information technology is an easy and convenient mode of money transaction called “international money transfers”. Many emigrants all over the world from Nepal need a medium to transfer money to their home country through convenient and steady money transfer services. Many people opt for such solutions […]


As we know, every country has its own standard currency. When we send money internationally, from one state to another, the banks or money transfer companies automatically transfer that, according to the currency of the recipient’s state. But, every state currency doesn’t have the same value. The exchange rates depend on currency devaluation of different […]

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In this age of globalization, people work away from their families when they find better opportunities. Some people have their business in other countries also. There is always a need for money transfer. People also need money transfer services when they have to buy property in other countries. They also need money transfer services for […]