January 22, 2020
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send money to Nigeria

Nowadays, many people need to send money internationally due to various reasons. As money transfer has become the need of the modern world in many ways. But the question is, how can you transfer money instantly abroad? Let us answer! Why Instantly Transfer Money? Many people from developing countries move abroad and send money to […]

send money online to Nigeria

Online payment transfers are one of the most widely accepted technology upgrades, around the world. People don’t have to waste their valuable time by physically visiting the bank or MTO’s payout location, solely to transfer some bucks. In 2018, a total of 689$ were sent internationally and online transfers have played an important role in […]


It is a commonly known fact that Nigeria is country that receives a major percentage of international remittance on a yearly basis. Nigeria is a country that is on the path to development and so far, the government has been unable to provide good educational, health and living opportunities. This compels a major proportion of […]

send money to nigeria

These days we can access any banking services online while sitting in our home or our offices. Some of the online services provided by banks are viewing account statements, transferring funds, and paying bills. Most of the banks also offer their services and latest products over the internet. Computers, laptops, or smartphones with a secure […]

cash pickups

Whether you are a migrant or an owner of a multinational firm, you need to contact the people globally. One of the most common services being in use is the online money transfer system. You can send money globally by using MTOs and banks. Cash pickup service There is a list of online money transfer service providers. They provide […]

Send money to Nigeria

According to the World Bank, Nigeria is the top 5th remittance recipient in the world. Most of the remittance grows because of sending money by the expat. ACE Money Transfer has been sending money to worldwide from the over past 10 years. So you can send money to Nigeria with them without any hesitation. Some […]