The Efficient Ways of Online Money Transfer

sending money online free

If you are looking for sites regarding sending money online free, the ACE Money Transfer is an excellent solution for you. The ACE Money Transfer is operating in almost seventy countries throughout the world. So it is possible wherever you are, your country might fall into these 70 countries with these services. Standing for Aftab Currency Exchange, the ACE Money Transfer is registered in the UK having its key users in the UK as well as in Europe. ACE has worked diligently in gaining the trust of its customers of Asian countries and the Gulf community in recent years.

About Ace

This has benefited the ACE in getting a boost in the payments mainly in countries like Pakistan, UAE, India, Bangladesh, Romania, etc. ACE, having gained the trust and credibility of the users and the great and appreciable efforts of the workers and employees, has come to new trends in the payments system. Still, it is working to expand its services in the countries already having the services of ACE as well as in those countries which are new to ACE.

Sending money online free

The sending money online free from one place to another is becoming more and more common in this era. That’s because most people cannot find jobs in their hometown and have to move to somewhere else for the earning. They then provide a part of this earning to their relatives or loved ones through the availability of online money transfer.

Though there is a traditional method of money transfer like through post etc. is still in existence which is used by people who don’t trust the online methods or who simply don’t have the knowledge or awareness about this service. This manual way of sending money is not only hectic, costly and time-consuming but also it is risky.

Traditional vs Modern Methods

All the problems of the traditional way of sending money are benefits of the sending of money online free. That is, the online system is first of all and most importantly free of risk. There is a little chance of money lost through hacking but the risk id slightest compared to the traditional method.

Then there come the other benefits which include the low cost or free transfer of money. It is a simple method once you know exactly what to do. Then another important advantage of online money transfer is that it is time-saving. Which is mainly consider the most important factor given the fact that time is an important asset in this busy world.

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Different Modes of Money Transfer

There are different methods available to provide their services with regard to money transfer depending on the need. For example, if the money is to be transferred within the boundaries of a country, there are many ways which are easier pain-free. While cross-boundary transfer requires some different and fewer methods. The instant mobile transfer app has proved very useful in this regard. Some methods are discussed below:


PayPal is the old way of sending money and mostly work for payments also including personal payments. Using PayPal make the transfer of money free of cost.


It is a project of PayPal that make the transfer of money free that takes funds from the account of the customer and transfer it tit h required address. It is used mostly for payments. It provides the service of message sending in addition to money transfer.

Square Cash

It helps the sending of money through an app. The money is sent and received to debits cards with an email. The transfer may take many days but there is no cost for it.

Google Pay

Through the google email, money can be sent to anyone without being charged a penny, as well as funds, can be requested. This service provides many options among them the Android Pay is more accepted among users.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook is the most used platform of social media and its messenger provide more than just chatting or sending pictures. It enables the users to send money to one another freely using their debit cards.

Apple Pay Cash

The iPhone users are provided with the facility to send money through their mobile phones. Having the iPhone operating software 11.2the users can directly transfer money to the contacts with the aid of iMessenger.


The most reliant and easiest way is there and is called the Azimo. It can be used on the iPhone as well as on android. The app scans the debit card provide different ways from which one way is to be chosen. Throughout the process of money transfer, the app makes you acknowledged every step through notifications.

Snapcash via Snapchat

The app is benefited through the square cash by which a sender or user of the app can select a recipient to add a dollar sign and the value to be sent. The rest is taken care of by the Snapchat. Money is ended from your bank account. Or from the debit card of yours.