Things to do and see in the Bristol UK?

Do you send money to Bangladesh as an expatriate in the UK? In this article, we will throw light on the potential opportunities Bristol offers to the expatriates who go there from across the world to find better work opportunities.

People from third world countries travel to foreign lands, mostly the developed world, for better opportunities. Many people even find better opportunities in the Gulf countries and settle down in UAE and transfer money back to their countries of origin through online money transfer companies such as ACE. But, most people prefer to go to the developed world in Europe, so they can money transfer to Bangladesh in pounds and dollars.

This article will highlight the most important things an expatriate is supposed to know about Bristol.

Creativity:- Bristol has a lot of space and room for creativity. It loves and accommodates creative people. A couple of musical instruments such as Drum and Bass were invented here. Therefore, if you have any talent in music, filmmaking and arts in general, Bristol is the best place for you to thrive.

Culture:- Bristol is home to vibrant multi-coloured culture. This culture came into existence when Bristol offered opportunities to creative people who came here and put their talents to optimal use. These people coming from different backgrounds gave birth to its diverse and colourful culture. As an expatriate you are advised to attend Harbour Festival, Bristol Pride Parade, St. Paul’s Carnival, Open Doors Festival and the International Balloon Fiesta, to study Bristol’s culture closely.

Location:- Bristol is a mere two hours’ drive from London. It has its own international airport which makes it convenient for you to move around without having to incur additional commuting expenses.

Weather:- Bristol has an actual summer. Its weather in summers is warmer than the rest of England’s which has cloudy and rainy weather throughout the year. This weather makes it easy for expatriates to adjust easily and move around freely.

Food:- Many expatriates worry about food when they travel to remote countries. And mostly their worries are justified as many places do not have a wide variety of food items. But, this is not the case with Bristol. You will never get disappointed with the kind of food varieties Bristol has from vegetarian to vegan and what not. You should avoid outdoor dinings in foreign countries as expatriates to send money to Bangladesh online as much as you can.

Commuting:- Surprisingly, the public transport system in Bristol is not commonly used by the residents. But, you will find Bristol suitable for walking and cycling. But, if you want to commute in your own vehicle, make sure you drive with patience and are ready to endure traffic jams and the high parking fee.

Drive left:- Keep in mind that Bristol has left-hand driving. If you come from a country where driving is right-handed, be prepared for left-hand driving. And do not worry about obtaining a new driving license if you already have one, at least for some time, if not permanently.

Industries:- Bristol is home to many industries such as IT, finance, media and tourism etc., etc. With this bulk of industries, Bristol has a lot to offer to people coming here for jobs and work.

Bank account:- Finding work in Bristol means you will need to open a bank account. Bristol is one of the places worldwide where opening a bank account is easy and convenient. You can open an account with your photo identity and proof of address.

National Health Services:- Bristol’s NHS is one of the best covering the expatriates also. Contact your nearest General Practitioner (GP), book an appointment and you will be guided further on NHS.

Conclusion:- This article has discussed all the opportunities Bristol offers to its residents as well as the expatriates going there from different parts of the world. The best part is that Bristol is an equal opportunity provider and does not discriminate between its natives and expatriates. While living in a city like Bristol, an online money transfer to Bangladesh is a good way to make your expatriate life more convenient.