Things to know before moving to Australia

Did you ever think about how do expatriates send money to Bangladesh from Australia? Or do you have any idea about a few important things about Australia before moving there? In this article, we will throw light on the important things you should have an idea about before you plan to go to Australia. Of course, you can also manage your visit to Australia without the information we will discuss here, but then the margin for unnecessary troubles will increase. These troubles can be shunned by a mere reading of what this piece entails.

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For the convenience of travellers, we detail out the important things about Australia.

Huge size:- You will be surprised to learn that Australia measures upwards of three million square miles. For a better understanding, imagine Australia being about the size of Europe. Even the distance between Perth and Sydney is more than between Portugal and Ukraine.

Unstable weather:- Surprisingly, Australia has different weathers in its various parts. Where Brisbane’s weather-oriented claim to fame is a tropical climate, the weather in Melbourne will show you different seasons in one single day, from dry, sunny days to winds, heavy showers, and breeze.

Scorching sun:- In summers, the sun shines over Australia, and temperatures reach forty degrees. New scientific research has proved that the Ozone layer over Australia is thinner than in other areas. This makes Australia pretty vulnerable in summers.

Bushfires:- Because Australia has a scorching sun and strong winds, there are around 50,000 bushfires every year on average. Sundries the plants and a small spark, being blown away by strong winds, reaching other areas with dried plants will do the rest.

Healthcare:- Healthcare in Australia is called Medicare. It is free in Australia. The only condition to have access to free Medicare in Australia is to be a permanent resident. Other than that, studying and having access to private medical cover is also recommended.

Ski holidays:- Australian Alps get more snow in the season than Switzerland. People love to go there to spend their holidays and then talking about it.

Smoking is expensive:- as a step in the right direction, the Australian government has made smoking extremely expensive to ensure people do not smoke. On one cigarette, you will have to pay 0.7 pretty expensive USD. And as a result, smoking levels have decreased substantially. As an expatriate, expatriates main aim is to send money to Bangladesh online as much amount as possible.

Stay on the left side:- You will drive left in Australia, but people will walk on the left side. It has become a tradition that people will walk on the left side of the road. It is not a law to walk like this but walking on the right side of the road will make the natives think you lack sense.

Do not cross roads randomly:- In Australia, jaywalking is a crime. You cannot just cross the road whenever you feel like it. You will have to reach a zebra crossing or a designated point to cross a road. Not doing so will make you liable to a fine of 70 Australian dollars.

Catchy sites:- There are a lot of places you can visit from a tourist perspective. There is more life outside cities. Visiting more than 500 national parks, Wilsons Promontory, and the Blue Mountains, etc., are places worth your time to visit.

Wildlife:- There is a common belief about the wildlife in Australia saying that its wildlife is dangerous. It is only a misunderstanding. Wildlife-related accidents are rare.

Beware of magpies:- There is a time every spring where you will be attacked by the magpies if you walk or ride a cycle. These birds are not dangerous, but their beaks can be painful. A website called Magpie Alert will provide a live map of all the locations where Magpies can attack you. Where adopting protective measures is recommended, beware that you cannot kill them as they are a protected species in Australia since 1992.

Love for Kangaroos:- Natives treat Kangaroos especially. You will see them moving around in flocks and it is one of the reasons that there are many road accidents in Australia due to a Kangaroo leaping in front of a fast-approaching vehicle.

Love for meat:- An Australian consumes 93kg of meat every year on average, against the global annual average of 30kg. It makes Australia the biggest meat consumer worldwide.

Barbecues are a must:- You will come across many areas where even free BBQs are offered. Australians love BBQ to the point where they feel that eating it is their birthright and there is no way you can resist.

Honour workers:- Australian are concerned about their workers and respect them. It is one of the first countries to have implemented a 40-hours work week with the highest minimum wage. This makes Australia a suitable place for job-seekers as the minimum wage they can earn is 9.54 USD per hour.

Slang language:- English is the national language but you will feel the need to learn Australian English all over again. The language is dipped in slang to the point where you will have difficulty understanding it.

Sports loving people:- Australians love sports like mad. Cricket and Rugby run through their veins. Their love for sports can be ascertained from the fact that Australian cricket has produced many of the top-notch players in different fields of the game.

Insulting humour:- Although the humour is based on insulting others and themselves, the Australian humour will confuse you initially. But, just do not worry about these humorous insults because this is what Australian humour is about.

Conclusion:- This piece, hopefully, has given you enough insight into life in Australia. Knowing about these points will make it easy for you to settle down in Australia. And this level of acclimatization with a country you have never been to before will help you move around and look for employment opportunities with ease and comfort. Online money transfer to Bangladesh is said to be a smart way to save money and time.