Things to know before moving to France

Do you have any idea about the important things about France before moving to France? This article will throw light on the important things about France. The intention behind this is to help readers who want to go to France, for tourism or education or jobs, understand the French culture and way of life well before going. It will help visitors avoid confusion and escape strange moments in France. Most people go to foreign countries for better employment opportunities and end up finding jobs. From there, these expatriates send money to Philippines and other countries back to their families through different means, including banks and a few globally recognized online money transfer companies such as ACE.

Let’s take a quick look at the important points about France.

Language:- French is the official language and entire France speaks it but there are other languages too that the French speak. About one million French who live close to the Italian border will speak Italian. You will many people speaking Catalan. Most of the French are bi-lingual.

Speak French:- People of France love to speak French, but they will speak English with you if you struggle with French. But here’s the catch. You must learn to speak French even if the natives respond in English. They will correct your mistakes politely and will appreciate your efforts to speak their language. It will help you learn the local language fast and better. You must know French in banks and other public places, so to avoid this problem, send money to Philippines online using your mobile application of ACE money transfer.

Healthcare:- France offers one of the world’s best healthcare services. It is a bit complicated. A part of the public healthcare expenses is borne by the government and the rest by the people. It is better to study the French healthcare system thoroughly.

Complex bureaucracy:- France has a complicated bureaucratic system. There is a lot of paperwork involved and expatriates are advised to keep many copies of the documents that are important for residing, educating, or seeking employment in France.

Different breakfast:- Be prepared for pastries dipped in hot chocolate in the breakfast. It is contrary to what you are may be used to having in your home country.

Trains are great:- The speedy rail network in France is the 9th largest in the world. It is an extremely comfortable mode of travelling and seeing the country. Its fares are pretty reasonable. If you want to go to the bank for a money transfer to Philippines or another country, you should travel by train to save your money.

Tour Alps:- You must pay a visit to the Alps mountain range. They have Europe’s tallest mountain

Mount Blanc. You will find many outdoor sports activities there like skiing, hiking, and paragliding, etc.

Empty Paris:- Yes, you read it right! In August, when summers reach their highest point, residents of Paris shift to the cooler parts of the country. It makes Paris wear a quiet and empty look, which makes it inappropriate for you to visit Paris.

April fool:- French celebrate April fool’s day with a lot of enthusiasm. Their favourite activity on this day to create fun is to stick a paper fish on each other’s back. Beware of this if you do not want people and children to laugh at you.

Best food and wine:- French food has been awarded UNESCO World Heritage Status! France is home to some of the world’s best wines and most delicious food. Imagine being offered 1000 different varieties of cheese only. The variety and taste of food and wine will surprise you.

Work-life balance:- People enjoy paid annual leaves and can enjoy their lunch breaks extending up to two hours which is a luxury at a workplace. It ranks 12th for work-life balance. French people retire early and live longer. World’s oldest human being, Jeanne Calment, was French who lived for 122 years and 164 days.

Unique customs:- French people kiss each pothers cheeks at the meeting. This is a common practice among both males and females. But, it does not mean they do it whoever they cross paths with. They keep this custom confined to their family and close friends. For a better understanding of this custom, keep a close look at French people and observe deeply.

Table service:- In most European countries, you will have to go to the counter of a bar to place your order. But in France, you sit at your table, and a waiter will approach you and take your order. You will be served at the table, and you will pay the bill also on the table.

No queues:- French people do not bother to queue up at whatever the place. Whether you want to buy a bus ticket, or await a bus or want to buy a cinema ticket, you will find many people nudging each other to the sides to reach the counters first. Do not be surprised by a Western country. Get used to it.

Culture:- French culture dominates everything in France. The music you will listen to will be mostly French or at least around 50% of it will be. French cuisine has a deep impact on its culture. French must be spoken in educational institutions, offices, and other places even in publications. But it never means France does not accept diversity. With all of its cultural dominance, France is a culturally diverse state.

Conclusion:- Hopefully, this piece will help you have a better understanding of French life. If you understand all of the important points thoroughly, you will not feel as if you have come to a strange land or for the first time. It will help you connect better with the natives.  Online money transfer to Philippines through a well-recognized company like ACE money transfer using smartphone application can save your money and time.