Things to know before moving to Ireland            

What are the important things you need to know about Ireland before moving there? In this piece, we will talk about the important points you should be aware of about Ireland. For the people of countries with limited resources, Ireland is a big attraction. People from Bangladesh, including many other countries, go to Ireland for education, relocation, and employment. The expatriates from Bangladesh and other developing countries then send money to Bangladesh and their home countries to support families. Among many options at their disposal such as banks and online money transfer companies, these people prefer the ACE to send money to Bangladesh given the service quality coupled with the facilities ACE Money Transfer offers.

For the convenience of our readers and customers, we have discussed in detail the important things about Ireland knowing which will help you with your visit to Ireland.

More expensive than the UK:- Contrary to the common belief saying the UK is one of the most expensive regions in the world, Ireland is more expensive. The price level for services and consumer goods is the second-highest in the EU with 34 percentage points above average. Imagine the difference by the fact the UK is only 21 percentage points higher than average. Seen in this frame, make sure you can afford a living in Ireland before you move there.

Dublin is exciting:- With a total population of 4.9 million people in Ireland, 1.9 million people (39% of Ireland’s total 4.9 million) live in Dublin. Dublin has a thriving life and is home to exciting art, music, and new ideas. It does not mean that the rest of Ireland is dry in this regard. The fact is these things are more manifest more brightly in Dublin than in other parts of Ireland.

Exploring is a must:- Regardless of which part of Ireland you live in, you must explore the entire country. It will be easy for you given its small size and the fact that it is filled with beauteous landscapes.

Irish healthcare:- A Lancet report in 2018 ranked Irish healthcare 11th best worldwide. It has a higher life expectancy than in the UK; a low child mortality rate and 30.9 doctors per 10,000 people. All of it makes the Irish healthcare system one of the best in the world. Imagine that the US, Norway, and the UK have 28 doctors per 10,000 people.

Punctuality is rare:- Irish people not punctual. They have the habit of running late for everything they do. They necessarily run late even if they have to turn up in a classroom or for a job interview. Prepare yourself for this if you are punctual and feel bad about running late. So, you do not need to get late for money transfers through banks and send money to Bangladesh online, so your loved ones get payment on time.

Alcohol is in culture:- Brace yourself up for some serious drinking culture. Irish people take drinking seriously. But, it does not mean there is only alcohol to drink. There is a huge variety of beverages you can have easy access to. But drinking is rampant and is not taken lightly.

Whiskey and whisky:- Irish whiskey is tastier than Scotland’s. The spelling depicts the difference between the two drinks. The letter ‘’e’’ was added in the word whiskey through the Irish Whiskey Act of 1980. It is this ‘’e’’ that sets Irish products apart from Scotland’s.

Avoid overdoing:- The tasty drinks will never warrant you to overdo them. It will take a strong will to avoid binge drinking given the deliciousness Irish drinks offer.

Love for tea:- Irish people love tea. They are the second biggest consumers of tea worldwide after Turkey. Statistics show that an Irish individual consumes around five pounds of tea annually.

Love for weather:- People in Ireland love to talk about the weather. Weather in Ireland fluctuates a lot which compels people to talk about it. Do not be surprised if you find Irish people talk about the weather more than other important issues. Get used to it instead.

Move belongings safely:- Moving your precious belongings to Ireland from any part of the world is easy and convenient. Irish Sea cargo is cheaper than air freight and between 2014 to 2016 ships move cargo worth a staggering 9.3 trillion GBP. The unique point is that 99.99% of containers reached their destinations safely. Expatriates from Bangladesh and other countries prefer online money transfers to Bangladesh and their home countries because it saves money, quick service, and is secure.

Ireland is small but strong:- It has the 32nd biggest GDP worldwide. William Shakespeare described Ireland as ‘’though she is little, she is fierce’’. Ireland has won six Nobel prizes so far and most of the big companies like Apple, Google, IBM, and Facebook, etc., have chosen Ireland as a base for their base for the European market.

Blood-soaked history:- Irish war of independence extracted a heavy toll in terms of human blood over a period in history and at different intervals. Its troubles with the UK are all too well known. Be ready for some uncomfortable discussions and be sensitive to its history along with the UK’s role in it.

Diversity:- Ireland is home to people hailing from 200 countries of the world. It is proof enough of the diversity in cultures, food, languages, and other issues. Therefore, be ready to become a part of a nation that is diverse in almost every walk of life.

Affable people:- People of Ireland are highly affable who you can talk to easily. They are easy to befriend. And one of the most important things an expatriate will look forward to in a foreign land is to connect with the natives quickly and better.

LGBT+ is legally protected:- In 2015, the rights of the people entering into same-sex marriages were legally protected, and this practice was legalized. Bear this in mind and don’t be surprised while in Ireland.

British expatriates:- Wherever you go in Ireland, you will find a British. According to statistics, around 103,113 people from Britain live in Ireland.

The similarity in cultures:- There is a lot of similarity in the cultures of the UK and Ireland. Food in Ireland will not surprise the people from the UK and likewise, many customs Irish are used to will not be new or unique for the people of England.

Eurovision:- It is a big song contest. This event brings together the entire continent. Ireland has won this Eurovision Song Contest a record seven times.

Unique customs:- Ireland is home to some unique customs. Seeing each of these customs is a must and requires time. Make sure you manage time while in Ireland to witness all of these.

Superstitions abound:- Surprisingly though, Irish people still believe in superstitions. An itchy palm is meant to believe that money is going to come to you and an itchy nose is seen as a warning for a fight looming large! Do not worry! These are superstitions only.

Employment:- You can find work in Ireland easily, given that it is home to some of the world’s biggest companies mentioned above. You will need to have a technically sound education and a particular set of skills, depending on where you apply and for which position. If you have a plan to start a new business in your home country, your job in Ireland and money transfer to Bangladesh can make it possible.

Conclusion:- This piece has given us a fair insight into what’s like in Ireland. Now going to Ireland will not be as difficult for you as before reading this informative piece about Ireland.