Things to know before moving to Italy

What do you know about Italy before you plan to move there? In this article, you will have a fair idea about the important things you must be aware of about Italy before you plan to move there. Italy is one of the European countries which have a lot of potentials to attract foreigners with. Its rich history, thriving culture, and unique heritage appeal the people from around the world, including Nepal. Nepalese go to Italy and settle down there as expatriates after they find jobs. Then they send money to Nepal to their families through the world’s top online money transfer company, ACE, to support them and ensure a better living and do savings to capitalize on once they return to their country of origin, Nepal in this case.

For the convenience of the readers, we have listed all the important things you need to know before you move to Italy. Take a closer look below.

Visa:- Visa to enter Italy is required in case if you plan to stay there for an extended time. But, for a shorter stay, you can enter Italy without a visa by securing the online ETIAS authorization.

Language barrier:- The natives fondly speak Italian. Therefore, if you intend to work there and stay for a long period, you will have to learn Italian. Brief stays, however, can be managed in English.

Weather:- Weather is harsh and extreme. In the winters, you will see snow-clad mountains in the north, with the mercury rising over 40 degrees centigrade in summers. if you are not familiar with the Italian language, you also have to face communication difficulties at banks and other places for money transfers to Nepal.

Varying landscaper:- Italy is one of the few countries which can quench your thirst for both medieval towns and cobblestone streets that have a rich culture or scenic areas. You will find both the flavours at their peak of deliciousness!

Italian food:- Italian cuisine is extremely delicious with a huge food variety. The best part about Italian food is that the natives are always willing to give you some food classes. This can help you impress your family on your return home.

Strange pricing:- You will take a while to adjust to the new budgeting rules when in Italy. Food and accommodation are cheaper than clothes and gym memberships. These two things are cheaper elsewhere, but in Italy, the reverse is the case.

Monthly payments:- Bear in mind that you will have to pay your bills, salary, and utilities in Italy every month. Monthly payments are a routine practice in Italy and most of the European countries. Expatriates send money to Nepal online through ACE money transfer to support families back home.

Travel around Europe:- Italy is part of the Schengen zone. This fact enables you to travel to all other countries in that zone without having to have different visas. This applies to both Italian visas and temporary ETIAS authorization.

Limited space:- Since Italy is a heavily populated country, most of the people live in apartments. These apartments are congested. So, make your mind already to live in a limited space.

Love for soccer:- The natives love soccer. They will sacrifice their comfort to either watch it on TV or play it regardless of weather conditions are conducive or not.

Coffee’s different taste:- Italian love coffee. Do not be surprised if you find some Italian having five to seven cups of coffee daily. Additionally, coffee tastes different from what you may be used to.

Late trains:- Italians travel by train across the country. These are comfortable and fast trains but these run between different cities. The train transport system inside a city, any Italian city, has one claim to fame. And that is that they will always be late!

Fashionable people:- Italians are highly fashionable people. No matter where you go, you will find people well-dressed all the time. You should not be surprised if you know that famous brands like Gucci, Armani, D&G, and Versace are rooted in Italy.

Friendly people:- Italians are easy to befriend. And they will invite you to their house regularly and quickly. Accept these invitations by going and asking after the family and bringing small gifts.

Aperitivo:- It is not wine simply. It is the complete package. You will get food with a small glass.

Manners:- Italians value manners. Try to be formal when you move around or talk to people.

Conclusion:- Knowing all of it about Italy and its people in advance will help you immensely to acclimatize better and real quick as soon as you arrive in Italy. One last point, before online money transfer to Nepal each month, do not forget to pay all your bills first to avoid any trouble in your country of residence.