Things to know before moving to the UK

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In this article, we will talk about the important things you must know before you move to England.

No matter where you live and what you do, you will probably not give the chance of going to the United Kingdom, as a second thought! You would always wish to visit this part of the world for several reasons of thrown light below. But one of the most important reasons is its strong economy which offers many employment opportunities to the expatriates who go there for jobs.

After getting jobs, these people look for different ways of online money transfers to India and other countries to send back a portion of what they earn to their countries of origin to support families through some globally reputable companies such as ACE.

For the convenience of travellers, therefore, we discuss the important things you must know about the UK.

Dry sarcasm:- People of England have dry humour, or at least they love it. In the beginning, you will feel a little uncomfortable with the trade of insults between friends. But do not just worry. They do it all on a lighter note. So, do not take it for a cold shoulder being given to you by your British friend.

Love for weather:- Most of the British people you meet will love to talk about the weather and its extreme nature. You will do well to prepare for witnessing intense weather on one singly day, from bright sunny morning to heavy showers to strong winds and humidity. All of this makes weather a favourite topic to discuss and talk about.

Healthcare:- Set up in 1948, the British National Healthcare Service (NHS) caters to the health needs of millions of people. It is subsidized through income tax. It is considered one of the free healthcare services in the world, which it is not. It can be considered as a mostly free service. There are still a few places where you will have to pay for the prescriptions and specialist medical care etc. It is, perhaps, owing to this reason that the British public NHS got immensely strained during a pandemic.

Few public holidays:- Keep in mind that you will have to work for most days in a year. People from third-world countries find it hard to adjust as they are used to many holidays in their respective countries. But in England, there are different holidays (known in the UK as bank holidays) in different states but they are limited in number. If you prefer banks for monthly money transfers to India, your transaction delay is minimized due to fewer public holidays.

Work-life balance:- Your employers in the UK realize that you will have few holidays for which reasons they reward you monetarily more. Besides, you can request paid leaves whenever you want. And also, the normal working hours are from nine to five, five days a week.

Varying accents:- You will find it quite confusing to see a range of totally different accents. It will be hard for you to find two people speaking in the same accent. But do not worry! You will get accustomed to it.

Filing taxes:- If you hail from the United States, you are allowed to file your US taxes despite living in the UK. And this is the best part of England’s tax system. It helps you avoid duplicity of filing taxes. But, it will be more appropriate to see if you study the tax system thoroughly before moving to England.

Language difference:- although both British and American English are almost the same, there are a few differences. Not knowing those differences could create communication barriers and confusion.

Scenic areas:- You will see many picturesque places which are soothing to the site. Besides, your interest in history will also be taken care of by the sites which are home to glorious past.

Quiet people:- People of England are not fond of much talking. In a classroom, students will observe silence for a few moments on being asked a question by the teacher. The same applies outside classrooms where you will observe reticence in people you feel like talking to.

A little unfriendly people:- You cannot befriend people of England, particularly London, easily. You will see scarce smiles on the faces when you are around in London.

Food:- The size of drinks and pizzas, for example, in the UK is smaller than other countries worldwide. A medium-size drink in your country of origin will equal small in England.

Visa options:- There is a test you will take quickly by the UK government wherein you will qualify for different types of visas. The visa types depend on your needs.

Early closure:- The stores in England close pretty early. Besides, the price tags on the products are the actual prices you will pay at the end. Every type of payment is mentioned on the price tags.

Tea lovers:- People of England love tea. According to estimates, they drink a whopping 100,000,000 cups of tea in a single day. Making tea like the natives requires a kettle since this much volume of consumption leaves no margin for boil-on-stove practice.

Transportation:- You have three options to move around in the UK. You can use ferries, trains or buses to travel to the other states and cities quite conveniently and in a shorter time.

Spending holidays:- From the UK you can easily go to the rest of Europe to spend your holidays. Although, Brexit has made it a little hard for people to move around but still the time is less than from other countries in the world.

Fewer air conditioners:- Since the summers in England are mild there is not much need for the air conditioners like in other countries worldwide. But the alarming levels of global warming may trigger the sale and use of air conditioners substantially.

Customer service:- Do not be surprised if you come across relatively less warm customer service. It does not mean they are rude when they treat you, but they are a little less curious.

Culture of drinking:- People of England are fond of drinking. After tea, their most favourite drink is alcohol.

Brexit:- It is appropriate not to discuss Brexit with the natives because, at the time of this move, there was a huge divide among the people. Therefore, do not discuss it until you are not confident about who you talk to about this issue.

Employment:- Many expatriates often succeed in finding jobs in the UK in different fields. The strong economy of England offers immense job opportunities to job-seekers in different fields. You can send money to India online to start a new business by saving money from your hard-earned salary. Most of the expatriates are investing in their home countries while doing jobs in developed countries.

Conclusion:- Knowing all of the above will create convenience for you before moving to the United Kingdom. The study of these points will acclimatize you with what living in the UK is like well before you set foot on that land as an expatriate.