Things to see and do in Bavaria, Germany?

Do you bother to know how to send money to Nigeria? In this article, we will discuss the important things you need to know before moving as an expatriate to a German city, Bavaria.

People from the African continent frequently travel to the developed world to find better job opportunities due to the financial miseries they face in that region because of many reasons. Germany is one of the countries where expatriates from African countries such as Senegal prefer to go. People from all around the world move to Germany to study, for doing jobs and also for living as citizens.


They find work there and send their remittances back home after they have learnt how to send money to Nigeria online through companies such as ACE Money Transfer.  In this context, we will discuss Bavaria and a few important things to know about it. Let’s take a look.

Learn a language:- As an expatriate, you must have a basic knowledge of the language of the country you are going to. If you have known German, it is a plus point but the Bavarian dialect is a little different. You may find it difficult to understand their accent and certain phrases they use in the beginning but will get used to it soon. And another point is that they will appreciate the fact that you are trying to speak their language, though they may prefer English for your convenience.

Speed limits on autobahn: – That there is no speed limit in Germany, is only a myth. In reality, you can drive on the autobahn at 100 MPH, and this can be exhausting because you are required to pay 100% attention to the road at these speeds every single moment. There are some tracks where you can drive as fast as you can but then a minor error can be horrible. Driving in Germany is not insane. It is regulated tightly.

High fuel prices: – Driving your own car in Germany can affect your budget substantially because fuel prices are high. Therefore, while in Bavaria, try to travel in train or use public transport as much as you possibly can.

Effective train network:- Bavaria is home to one of the most effective and safe rail networks. You can enter any station and a desk clerk will help you with purchasing tickets and your destination as these clerks prefer to speak English for the ease and convenience of visitors.

Travel must: – While you are in Bavaria, you can travel to other countries like France, Italy, Poland and Austria easily and cheaply as Germany is located close to all of these countries. Therefore, you will not be required to buy expensive air tickets to visit these lands. Instead, travel in slower modes and enjoy your travelling and movement around. Do not carry cash with you, use online money transfer companies like ACE money transfer to send money to Nigeria online or another part of the world.

Friendly people:- In Bavaria, you will find people to be extremely friendly and hospitable but their friendliness is unlike Americans’. They smile back when you pass a smile but here they may not smile back and this should not lead you into believing they are rude.

Food is delicious:- In Bavaria you will find delicious food. It is cooked fresh without preservatives and pork is used in the routine. You will not find much beef here. Residents here tend to have food a little later in the day with lunch being the biggest meal. Some of the popular dishes are brats, sauerkraut, spaetzle, salad and jagerschnitzel. You will find quality food whether you visit popular eateries or small restaurants located remotely.

Famous dress:- Trachten is a famous dress worn by most of the Bavarians. It was originally worn by peasants but later it became popular with other segments of society. They dress traditionally and use Trachten in their festivities.

Timely closure: – In Bavaria people take Sundays off religiously. They just do not compromise their weekends and close early. It is because they believe weekends are meant for rest and relaxation. Therefore, you will find most of the malls, restaurants, shops and offices closed on Sundays and not only that, they tend to close early in on the weekends. So, keep this in mind and schedule your shopping accordingly, particularly over the weekends.

Property owned proudly:- Because, Germany is a small country, its people build small houses and backyards and own these with pride. Not only that these people love greenery to the point where you will see plant pots on every window sill. They also do organic farming in whatever little spaces they have. These people practice recycling; not only because it is a law there but also because they love to do it out of their love for clean and green environment.

Conclusion:- This article is a complete guide for you to learn from about Bavaria if you want to go there as an expatriate for better work opportunities, so your dream of online money transfer to Nigeria for investment can be a reality. Its strong economy accommodates people in terms of jobs and work. Its location helps you travel to other countries of Europe conveniently as well. All in all, Bavaria can be a good choice for people seeking better job opportunities in a friendly environment.