Things to see and do in Belfast, Northern Ireland?

Do you know how to send money to Senegal? In this article, we will talk about the important things you should know about Belfast while moving there as an expatriate.

African continent as a whole suffers from abject poverty, which is the result of political unrest, sluggish economic activity and military interventions. People from one of the African countries, Senegal, travel to the developed world to find better work opportunities. They prefer to go to the UK for work.


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One of the cities people prefer to go to in the UK is Belfast which is the capital of Northern Ireland. We will throw light on some important things to know about it. According to 2017 estimates, Belfast has a population of 295,000; its official language is English with 42 other languages spoken in schools; its per capita income is 26,930 USD; its claim to fame is that the unfortunate RMS Titanic was built in Belfast, and its official currency is pound sterling.

Here’s a quick look at what must know in advance.

Living cost:- The cost of living in Belfast is way too affordable compared to other cities, despite the fact that Belfast is a capital city. Whether you want to live on rent or wish to purchase property, you will find the rents and prices lower than in other parts of England. So, money transfer to Senegal from the UK is easy the reason the low living cost in the city Belfast.

Work opportunities:- There is a lot of work and business potential both for the residents and the expatriates in Belfast. Imagine that the unemployment rate rests at 8% and is well on its way to decline further. Although the people of Belfast hold their traditional trades such as textiles and shipbuilding dearer, the center city offers more than that since these are more on the margins of Belfast. The tourism industry and renewable energy sector offer a lot of business and job and work opportunities.

Education:- Belfast is home to Ulster University and Queens University. Both of these universities have been imparting state of the art education to the residents and expatriates from around the world.

Culture:- Belfast is rich in culture and history. You will require a fair amount of time to visit places such as the Titanic museum and Northern Irish parliament buildings, to mention just two. Apart from these, there is an abundance of museums and theatres spread across Belfast with people worldwide.

Belfast’s climate:- The weather in Belfast is moderate. The record high temperature in summers was recorded at 30.8 C in 1983. Generally, the weather does not turn extreme here. This makes it easy for the expatriates to move around freely and hunt jobs.

Public transport:- People prefer to use public transport here and avoid driving their own cars due to traffic congestion and because public transport is cheap and connects the entire city through its beautiful road network.

Friendly people:- Belfast has friendly people you feel comfortable with even if you meet them for the first time. They are quite hospitable and accommodating. A challenge an expatriate faces normally is socialising and befriend people in a new land to connect better and establish a vast and strong social network. Belfast is ideal because you will feel comfortable with people you meet here, which helps you find even more and better work opportunities.

Conclusion:- In this article, we have learnt quite a lot about Northern Ireland’s capital, Belfast and have studied its culture, transportation and living cost etc., and in the light of all of this, we can safely say that Belfast can prove to be an ideal destination for all the people who aspire to go to the UK in search of better work opportunities. Since Belfast offers a lot more than just job opportunities, an online money transfer to Senegal from Belfast is even cheaper and convenient with ACE money transfer.