Things to see and do in Cologne, Germany?

Do you know about digital methods to send money to Nigeria from Cologne, Germany? This article will throw light on the important things you need to be aware of as an expatriate before you move to a German city Cologne.

People from African countries such as Nigeria prefer to travel to the West and Europe for better work opportunities. This country’s economic and financial ground realities are not ideal, so people suffer from abject poverty and then move to foreign lands. There they find work, and after they settle down, they transfer money to Nigeria either through the banks in the conventional manner or online through credible companies such as ACE.

Cologne is one of the preferred destinations in Germany. We will see what is important to know about one of its cities, Cologne, apart from money transfer to Nigeria, which is undoubtedly the most important reason for leaving their home country.  Here are the details.

Cologne – the City:- Cologne is Germany’s fourth-largest city with a population of just over a million. This City is about 2000 years old and is thus extremely rich in terms of heritage and culture. With more than 30 museums and 100 galleries, art always thrives in Cologne. It has a lot to offer to the tourists also.

Connectivity:- From Cologne, you can travel to Belgium in about an hour. Brussels is about 2.5 hours away and the Netherlands is 1.5 hours. Amsterdam is over 3 hours, Luxembourg in about 2.5 hours and Paris in 3.5 hours, if you travel by Thalys train. If you look at this connectivity, you will realize that this alone can be of immense help to the expatriates who go there for better work opportunities. Because finding work in places a few hours away from your place of residence is always better and easy than in regions located far away from you.

People:- Residents of Cologne are particularly friendly as they keep a smile on their faces and welcome you to their land with an open heart. Besides, universities there also arrange meet-ups for people so that a better socializing environment is created. Furthermore, pubs and cafes are other places where you can meet people and connect better. The good part is that you will not only meet the Germans in these meetings but also people from many other parts of the world. So, as an expatriate, you will not feel like a stranger in Cologne due to its friendly and accommodating people. People here are familiar with the latest technology, so your worries about how to transfer funds are solved because you can send money to Nigeria online through the most trusted service provider that is ACE money transfer.

Safe City:- Cologne is one of the safest cities in Germany. People from different parts of the world reside here, which makes it a diverse city. You can move around in the City easily and conveniently at any point in time during the day. All you need to do is to be a little careful of your surroundings while moving in areas with a rush.

What to bring with you:- Since the weather in Cologne is normally cold, you will require warm clothes. As far as electronics is concerned, there is nothing you cannot find here. Another thing you may wish you could bring with you here is certain foods that you are used to eating in your home country. But, of course, this can be done to a limited extent, and you will have to come to terms with whatever you can find for eating here.

Karneval:- It starts from the 11th of November and continues for several days. You can participate in this if you get tickets. You must be an adult to participate in Karneval and know German well to understand since people tend to be very friendly and interactive during this event.

Health insurance for expatriates:- There is no huge paperwork or big expenses to get health insurance for the expatriates. It is accessible on passport cards and facilitates on spot payout.

Conclusion:- From all the above discussions we can say Cologne is a good choice for expatriates. But, it has more on offer for the ones travelling for tourism purposes than jobs. Yet, detailed out above, its location makes it a preferred choice for expatriates who come there to hunt jobs and plan an online money transfer to Nigeria or other parts of the world.