Things to see and do in Milan, Italy?

Do you ever think about how to send money to India? In this article, we will take a look at the important things you need to know about Milan before moving there.

People from third world countries go abroad and find employment opportunities. Their main destinations are mainly Europe and other western countries with strong economies because job opportunities are immense. On finding jobs there, expatriates from Asian countries, for example, send money back to their home country to support their families. They use the services of some of the best online money transfer companies, such as ACE.

Here, we will highlight the important things about Milan, which is a popular destination for expatriates from different regions of the world. Most of the NRIs working in different cities of Italy prefer online money transfer to India than visiting banks for money transfer.

Language:- In Milan people prefer to speak their mother tongue which is Italian. You will also find many people speaking English but they are not founded easily. The reason is that the local language is far easier to learn once you have reached here. It is unlike other new languages you might struggle hard enough to learn. It is the language that you hear on buses, in shops, and everywhere you go, so you get used to it and if you observe people speaking this language around you a little closer, you are bound to learn it quickly and effortlessly. It will help you connect and communicate better.

Loads of paperwork:- Many people who go to Italy gripe about its tedious bureaucracy. No matter what you apply for, be it health insurance, work permit or driver’s license, you will have to ensure you have all the necessary documents with you. You will also have to endure the tiring mechanisms your applications will undergo for processing. To avoid never-ending queues and unnecessary paperwork in banks, you can send money to India online with few clicks from your smartphone.

Going to suburbs:- Of course, there is a lot to explore if you plan to go to a city. You cannot just stay confined to your workplace and residence or stay indoors. You will travel across the city and go to the outskirt to take a look at what life is like there. It is in this regard that keeping a pocketbook of the local language is highly recommended. You will see many people speaking English in the main city, but you will not hear a single word of English in the suburban areas around Milan.

Culture:- There is a lot in the culture of Milan, and the best part is that its culture keeps evolving! It means that you will see something new and unique every single  day at any point in time during the day.

Transportation:- Moving around in Milan is pretty convenient in the buses and rails that connect the entire city, particularly if you are interested in visiting the museums spread across the city.

Diverse population:- The population in Milan is so diverse that there is a high chance of hearing your mother tongue on the streets! Do not be surprised when you come across such moments while living in this city with rich culture and immensely diverse population.

Employment:- Milan is home to many opportunities in different fields such as tourism, hoteling and restaurants; because there is no time in the year when you do not see tourists thronging Milan from around the globe. If you plan to go to Milan for jobs, you stand a fair chance to get employed. Most of the expatriates working in Milan have to do money transfers to India each month to pay bills and to meet other necessities of the family back home.

Weather:- Weather in Milan is moderate throughout the year like in the rest of Italy. But that does not mean you will not expect rain. In peak winters, the temperatures drop substantially whereas, in summers, the mercury rises to a troubling point. But, these extremes have a brief stay.

Conclusion:- In this article, we have learnt all we needed to about Milan. Its people, culture, opportunities etc., are points that make Milan a favourite destination both for tourists and expatriates, but its tedious and exhausting bureaucratic processes will create a bit of hesitance in you. There is nothing you cannot have access to in this Italian city, but the mechanisms devised by the bureaucracy are really tiring and boring. Apart from this your visit to Milan will always be worth it.