Things to see and do in Munich Germany?

Do you ever think about how to send money to Pakistan online? This article will walk you through the important things you need to know about Munich before moving there.

Munich is one of the most famous cities in the world and is hosting a large Pakistani diaspora. People from Pakistan go to Munich for better job opportunities and when they settle down there in terms of getting jobs, they begin to send money to Pakistan online through some trusted and reliable online money transfer companies such as ACE.

Here, we will throw light on the important things regarding Munich.

Accommodation is a struggle:- Property prices are not cheap in Munich, and it makes it difficult for foreigners to find a place of living in Munich for a good price. Demand for property is high there and finding a place to live in requires immense struggle along with luck!

High rent:- Even rents are pretty high and normally stand outside the affordability of expatriates. And near the city centre expect to pay a hefty amount in terms of rent. Expatriates first intention is money transfer to Pakistan to save money for the future.

Transportation:- Public transport in Munich comprises buses, trams and trains and is one of the best in the world. It is clean and well-organized. You can travel the entire city by trams and buses but the problem is that it is expensive. Travelling in buses without monthly passes called IsaCard can cost you heavily. But, it does not make these passes cheap either.

Parking space is low:- In Munich, you will find it hard to park your car without paying much. Closer to the city center parking spaces shrink even further.

Weather:- You will see two extremes in the weather in Munich. While in the winters it wears a gloomy and bleak look due to chilling cold and snow-clad streets, in summers the bright sunshine will kick the entire city into life! And sunny days here are no less than a treat for natives as well as visitors.

Friendly for pets:- You are allowed to take a pet with you on a bus for free which makes Munich a pet-friendly city. You are allowed to take your pet, whether dog or cat, anywhere except hospitals, bakeries and supermarkets etc.

Traffic:- Despite the fact that Munich is home to one of the most efficient public transport systems, people still prefer to use their cars which creates a rush on roads. You will witness long queues on roads but the best part is this traffic is not disorganized. It is, rather, organized so effectively that it hardly stops and rather keeps moving. One more thing to save money is to send money to Pakistan online rather than visiting a bank.

Cycles are popular:- People in Munich use cycles mostly as their means of travelling and love cycling. It proves to be the cheap, easy and environment-friendly mode of commuting.

Food:- You will find every kind of food in any eatery in Munich you wish to visit. There is no region in the world whose delicacies you will not find here.

Language:- There are many people that speak English in Munich. You will not have any difficulty in communicating as people in Munich are comfortable with this language but for your longer stays ensure that you learn German too and do not just rely on English, to connect better.

Greenery:- Munich is full of open and green spaces including parks. Visiting these greener lands is a wonderful experience in the sense that you connect with nature better which refreshes you.

Food in summers:- People of Munich have a particular love for BBQs. And this activity you will see in abundance throughout the summers. These people are fond of eating grilled food.

Safe city:- Munich is considered to be the third safest city in Germany. It does not mean you should be oblivious to your belongings and valuables while moving around. But, at least you can move around in the city with a sense of safety and security at any time during the day.

Employment:- There are many job opportunities in Munich in the tourism, finance and hotel sectors but with that, the job market is highly competitive. And your chances of getting employed here will shrink further if you do not know the German language.

Conclusion:- From all of the above, we can say that the city is a wonderful place to visit to see and study its culture and history and enjoy the cold snowy winters. But, your financial strength is a must if you wish to stay here for a longer period of time. And besides, it is not ideal for expatriates seeking jobs. Online money transfer to Pakistan rather than visiting a bank can save your transportation expense and hidden fees of banks for international money transfers.