Things to see and do in Northern Ireland?

Do your friends or family members send money to India from cities in Northern Ireland or from abroad? In this article, we will discuss the important things you need to know about Northern Ireland before moving there as an expatriate.

Asian people prefer to go to the United Kingdom, and Indian people form a large portion of the expatriates living there. It is one of the reasons India is one of the leading countries in the world which receives huge amounts of foreign remittances. People from India go there and transfer money back home to their families for financial security and better living.

In this article, however, we will talk about the important things about Northern Ireland for the convenience of people planning to move there for tourism and employment.

Climate:- Climate in most of the UK is a favourite topic of the people. The primary reason is that the weather patterns are highly unpredictable. You will not be able to say if the heavy rain will continue like that in the coming ten or so minutes, nor could you tell if the bright sun will continue to appear the same in the coming few minutes. This unpredictability of the weather there makes it a hot discussion topic. Most of the expatriates send money to India online to support their families back home.

Regions:- Northern Ireland consists of six of the nine counties of Ulster, which is one among the four ancient Irish provinces. These six counties are County Antrim, County Armagh, County Derry, County Down, County Fermanagh and County Tyrone.

People:- Irish people are friendly and welcoming. They are particularly warm towards foreigners. It is one of the main concerns of an expatriate. Life, as a whole, becomes a little hard when you realize that the residents of a country you have moved to are unfriendly or not welcoming. But, this is certainly not the case with Irish people. You can befriend them easily and it helps you create a large social circle which is beneficial for job hunting.

Language:- Surprisingly, there is no official language in Northern Ireland. But people mostly speak English. There may be other languages, too, but those are rare and far between. You will hardly find anyone who speaks any other language during your stay in Northern Ireland.

Transportation:- There are four options available for moving around in Northern Ireland. You can use airplanes, travel by road, by boats or use trains. Rail and road networks connect entire Northern Ireland and make it convenient to travel around. One point to consider while travelling in your own car is to be careful about the traffic signs and laws. People are particularly sensitive about strict traffic laws. Violation of traffic laws will lead you to face legal complications. So, beware! And it’s better to travel through local transport even you are going for a money transfer to India once a month.

Food:- Food has a great variety in Northern Ireland. There are innumerable eateries offering a huge variety of food from vegetarian to non-vegetarian etc.

Employment:- There are a lot of job opportunities in Northern Ireland because it comprises many cities and has a strong economy. For example, Dublin has o lot of employment potential in the field of science and technology. Similarly, there are other cities in this region that offer jobs in different fields. But, primarily, finance, IT, science and technology tourism and hoteling are some of the most important industries that provide many job opportunities. In this regard, Northern Ireland accommodates expatriates seeking jobs more than the other surrounding regions.

Conclusion:- Northern Ireland is not only a preferred choice for tourists because of its rich history, wonderful architecture and diverse culture, and it also has a lot of potentials to offer jobs to the expatriates in the fields stated above. Its strong and expanding economy accommodates many job-seekers every year. In Northern Ireland, the expatriates can find cheap accommodations with low-cost living both in city centres and areas away from the main cities. Due to advanced technology, online money transfer to  India through trustworthy companies like ACE is safe and robust.