Things to see and do in Northern Italy?

Did you ever try to know how to send money to Philippines? This article will walk you through the important things you need to know about Northern Italy before moving there.

Going to the West by the Asian people is just like a dream come true. People from Nepal go to Europe and find work opportunities there. From there, they start sending money back to Nepal to their families through a few trusted online money transfer companies such as ACE.

Here, however, we will throw light on important things of Northern Italy to help expatriates.

Housing:- Despite Italy being a popular destination for expatriates, finding a house is no less than fatigue there. Of course, the very first thing you need is shelter when you go to another city. In Northern Italy, you will find different houses catering to different needs. You can find studio apartments, unfurnished places of living with kitchens and bathrooms and fully furnished apartments. Their rents and prices are high and vary a lot. If you find a location near the cities, you will have to pay huge amounts both as rents and other costs so, for an expatriate money transfer to Philippines become more difficult. But if you move away from the mainland, you may observe a drop, but that will still be higher than in other parts of Europe.

Free education:- There are many high standard educational institutions that offer free education. In fact, the Italian government provides free education from pre-school all the way up to university. This free education is not only available to the natives but also the expatriates. Many natives and expatriates enrol their children in one of the best local schools such as The University of Milan, which is imparting quality education to students since 1924.

Affable people:- You will find the people of Italy quite friendly. You will cross paths with many people smiling at you with an affable body language that encourages you to talk to them when you move around. In this regard, they are easy to befriend. An expatriate feels comfortable with friendly people in a foreign land to connect easily and communicate better with.

Shopping:- As you slip deep into the local life in Northern Italy, you will learn that shopping is easy in that region. There are many markets and stores from where you can get whatever you need, from food to grocery, furniture and electronics etc. Although there are different markets for different products and their range and variety, you will also find many one-stop shops. Established in 1962, Conad is one of the biggest stores with more than 2000 outlets spread across Italy. But expatriates look for cheap shops to buy necessary items. Expatriates send money to Philippines online as much as possible to support their families back home.

Speak:- You will find many people speak English but as far as interacting with the local people is concerned, it is better to learn Italian preferably before moving there or after you have arrived. It is not important to learn the complete language but at least to the point where you can make yourself understood as well as understand the natives.

Employment:- Since the entire country is visited by tourists from across the world every year, it creates many job openings in tourism, hoteling and restaurants. But the job market is highly tough and competitive. Therefore, finding jobs in Italy or Northern Italy, for that matter, is not that simple. Another disadvantage an expatriate may face while competing in the job market is that of not understanding Italian. Not knowing it can cause communication barriers in banks and other public places. To avoid this language barrier, mostly Filipino workers prefer online money transfer to Philippines from their comfort zone through reputed companies like ACE money transfer.

Conclusion:- Despite the fact that Italy is one of the most popular tourist spots, its economy is not that strong as to accommodate the expatriates seeking jobs there unless they know the local language and hold relevant educational and work background. Apart from that, Italy’s rich culture and amazing heritage will be a unique subject of study for those interested in history and rich heritages abundantly available in every country you go to.