Things to see and do in Nuremberg, Germany?

How do you send money to Pakistan from abroad? This piece will walk you through the important things you need to know about Nuremberg before moving there.

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Here, however, we throw light on the important things you need to know about Nuremberg.

The city:- According to 2013 estimates, Nuremberg has a population of about 0.5 million. It is Germany’s fourteenth largest city. It is located approximately 100 kilometres north of Munich. And its rich culture and thriving economy make it a favourite tourist and expatriate destination.

Weather:- Normally, the weather in Nuremberg remains moderate. But in summers, the temperatures rise a little, with heavy rainfalls in July. But, during winters, the variation in the weather is more with a temperature falling well below freezing point. This makes it a little difficult to commute in winter. And not only is it difficult for the foreigners to move around in winters, but it is also equally difficult for the locals. Due to cold weather, expatriates send money to Pakistan online.

Safe City:- Nuremberg is one of the safest cities in the world. There are little to negligible street crimes in the city, which makes it safe to move around at any point in time in the day or night.

Employment:- It is an ideal place for people seeking jobs because of its strong and expanding economy. Its strong economy is the reason why many international tech giants have established their presence here in this city. There is not a single industry from manufacturing to engineering, and in between that you will not find here. And of course, the presence of many diversified industries here means that the opportunities in those fields are also aplenty.

Transportation:- Transportation in Nuremberg is one of the best in Germany. It has six tram lines covering 36 km of route length. This top-notch tram system moves millions of people on a regular basis, and people are quite comfortable and happy with the services. The underground metro system is also efficient equally. Nuremberg’s public transport system is not only efficient but cost-effective too. If you want a money transfer to Pakistan through a bank, you do not need to worry about transportation to your destination.

Rich culture:- Nuremberg is home to a rich culture and amazing heritage. Unlike other European cities, you will find fewer pubs and clubs etc., in this city, the presence of museums and art galleries is huge, which is proof enough for the love natives have for their culture and heritage.

Employment:- This City is a great place to find work in your specialized field. Nuremberg has an average salary of about 55,649 Euros compared to the national average of 46,560 Euros. And despite having an unemployment rate slightly higher than the national rate, it offers multiple jobs in IT, services, manufacturing, electrical, software and engineering sectors. Besides, it is home to many multi-national companies employing more than 25,000 people in different fields.

Property:- Prices of property and rents are slightly lower than in other parts of the country but still purchasing property in Nuremberg is quite difficult due to high prices. You may find pretty reasonable rents of apartments depending on the size and area, but that would still be far away from the main city. And the main city will offer places to reside in but with higher rents and prices.

People are affable:- People are friendly and offer help to strangers. The natives can be befriended easily, which helps expatriates create a wide circle of friends.

Conclusion:- Nuremberg is a good place to visit both for the tourists given its rich history and heritage and for the expatriates seeking jobs provided they have relevant education and experience. Expatriates from Pakistan prefer online money transfer to Pakistan with one of the best service providers like ACE money transfer.