Things to see and do in Rome, Italy?

Do you ever bother to know how to send money to Pakistan while working as an expatriate in Italy? This article will walk you through the important things you need to know about Rome before moving there.

Italy hosts a large number of the Pakistani diaspora, which goes there for better work opportunities. They often succeed in finding jobs and then send money to Pakistan to their loved ones to secure a better and financially strong future for them. They send money through a few trusted online money transfer companies whose list ACE occupies the top slot.

This piece, however, will throw light on the things you should not ignore if you wish to visit Rome.

Expensive living:- Rome is one of the most expensive cities in Italy. You will have to have a handsome job before you move in here to live. Expect to pay upwards of 1,200 Euros per month for food, apartment rent, utilities. Diaspora has to send a money transfer to Pakistan each month to fulfil the needs of their loved ones in their home country.

Opening a bank account:- Opening a bank account t is difficult in Italy. Of course, one of the basic and most important things in a foreign land is to open a bank account. But it is a difficult process in Rome. Purchasing property is expensive here, so there are a few banks that offer house mortgage loans. But the guarantees and rules are so stringent that unless you have a stable and secure job there, you will not be able to apply for the same.

Sluggish bureaucracy:- You will come across many complications in the bureaucratic mechanism of Rome. The process is hard and complicated and warrants staying away from contacting the bureaucracy as much as you possibly can. Even a simple process will take weeks if not months to initiate, let alone completion.

Transportation:- Rome has a pathetic public transport system. You will find many bus stations submerged in water after showers. And besides, people drive their vehicles, which make the traffic insane. Furthermore, you will witness many transport strikes taking place. Although buses keep running even during strikes, their time shortens substantially, which results in hampered movement. Avoid travels to save money and send money to Pakistan online through the mobile application from your place of comfort.

Local language:- Learning the Roman dialects is important. There are people who speak English, but most of the natives speak their mother tongues. It is also a fact that Romans are sharp-witted and friendly people. But, this fact will be clouded in confusion and you will be misled into believing they are rude if you do not understand their local language.

Culture:- Rome has a wonderful culture. Deeply rooted in ancient history, you will see the remnants of Greek and Roman civilizations here. And it is appropriate that you take a walk to explore the city on foot for a closer look and deep understanding of its rich culture and amazing heritage Rome has.

Weather:- It remains windy and cloudy for the most part of the year in Rome. There are heavy rains both during winters and summers, and it exacerbates the woes of residents in Rome. Metro bus stations will sink in rainwater. Drains will overflow owing to the fact that Romans are just not interested in cleanliness. You will find smokers throw smoke stubs on the floor. Dog poo on the streets is a common sight. Perhaps, keeping Rome clean stands beyond the ‘’dignity’’ of the successors of the Roman Empire.

Employment:- Rome is, of course, not ideal for job opportunities. Although tourism and hoteling do offer opportunities, the prospects are low for you to get those if you do not understand the local language.

Conclusion:- Despite the fact that the name of Rome alone is one of the biggest attractions for the visitors, the points mentioned above have dented its credibility as a favourite spot for tourists. But, still, the number of people thronging Rome for the purpose of tourism is no less. Besides, chances of employment for expatriates here are low due to the factors detailed out above. You have to find ways to save money, for example, online money transfer to Pakistan rather than visiting a bank and paying hidden charges for international payments.