Things to see and do in Sligo, Ireland?

Do you ever think about how to send money to Nepal? This article will walk you through the things about Sligo you cannot afford to ignore before you plan to move there.

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Let’s now take a quick look at the important things you need to know about Sligo in Ireland.

The city:- With a population of about 19,452, Sligo covers a total landmass of 12.p square kilometres or 5 square miles. It is a small city but offers a lot in different fields such as tourism, culture and opportunities. This city is surrounded by a few mountain ranges and a couple of oceans which gives it a mesmerizing natural look.

Employment:- Do not be mistaken by its small size! Sligo has immense employment opportunities in a wide range of industries. There are a number of pharmaceutical companies that offer employment since these are based here. Besides, the IT industry in Sligo is another big employer. Many people who visit Sligo for jobs often end up getting one. Apart from offering jobs, the environment in Sligo is conducive for businesses. If you have the financial strength to establish a business in a foreign land, then Sligo is an option you should thoroughly consider. Sligo is the best choice to work and send money to Nepal online without any hassle through an ACE money transfer.

Work-life balance:- Sligo is one of the few cities whose work-life balance people find to be the best. Because there are many scenic places, including a sea right at your doorstep, people in Sligo indulge in fun and entertainment after their work hours by visiting the beach and other areas.

Housing:- Sligo offers cheap and affordable housing. Rents and prices are lower by about 30% to 40% than in other cities across Ireland. Even you can find affordable and reasonable accommodation in the city center, let alone finding a cheap place to live when you move away from the city centre. It has helped the housing market in Sligo grow considerably, and many people from across Ireland choose Sligo to live due to its affordable housing. Most of the expatriates money transfer to Nepal for investment and to buy property in their homeland.

Art and culture:- Tourists get attracted to Sligo due to its rich heritage and culture. There is a lot in Sligo for your amusement. There are art galleries, museums and scenic areas you can go to. Sports are another attraction in Sligo. People indulge in different kinds of sports, which are a necessary way of life for the people of Sligo.

Travelling:- Sligo is a well-connected city. Many trains run from other cities and connect with Sligo. These trains help huge numbers of visitors move around.

Transportation:- Sligo’s public transport is used mostly by the people as car owners find it hard to park their cars, given the small territory that the city has. And the road networks connect the entire city. Furthermore, the city can be traversed by foot for a better understanding of the culture with a closer look at the heritage the city has.

Food:- There are many restaurants that offer a wide variety of food which is necessarily delicious and affordable. The best part of the eateries is that the range of food is huge, belonging to different regions.

Conclusion:- This piece tells us that Sligo is the best tourist destination both for the tourists and the people seeking jobs there. There are many attractions that this city has, and the climate also is another attraction, along with the friendly attitude of the natives. People here are quite friendly and easy to befriend, which helps expatriates connect and communicate better. ACE money transfer is helping expatriates in online money transfer to Nepal without any delay.