Things to see and do in Southern, Germany?

         Southern Germany is home to many scenic wonders of the world. A destination where you can marvel over the famous black forest, the Alps and many rivers like the Rhine, Rhone and Danube to name a few. The region is also home to many key cities in the country, including Munich, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, and Nuremberg, which attracts people from around the globe interested in education, work, or just visiting as a tourist.

This inflow has resulted in a very diverse expat population within the region, but the Indian community is quite prevalent. This piece will walk you through the important facts including how to send money to India amongst other things before you visit or move to Southern Germany.

Learn German:- It may sound like an uphill task but learning this language is essential if you want to make use of your stay in Southern Germany. While in Germany you will move around to explore the city. And trust us, learning German is easy when you try to learn it after arriving in Germany. There are many people you will find speaking English, but they are not in the majority, of course. The best part is that there are many schools in which German is taught in different shifts. You can join these schools after your working hours. Besides, regular meet-ups with fellow expatriates at these schools give you a chance to socialize with them and try your communication skills. Learning the German language will also help you visit banks for a money transfer to India or your home country.

Cycling:- People of Germany love to ride cycles and love them. You will find many lanes dedicated to cycling only. Used cycles are usually cheap and can be bought easily. Keep in mind that they love cycling and their bikes, so should you. A visit to any part of Southern Germany will reveal that the city’s infrastructure has a particular space for cycling in the scheme of things. Besides, cycling is best for you to burn your calories and stay fit.

Keep cash:- Do not be mistaken about your debit or credit card or both. The chances are high that your cards will be rejected most of the time if you cannot send money to India online and at most shopping places. People in Germany usually keep cash with them and avoid using cards to avoid falling into trouble and embarrassment.

Food:- Germany has a wide variety of food. However, there are few places where you will find the food you miss from home. But this issue is addressed by a few shopping malls and a few online food services that deliver to you whatever food you crave. Still, the best part is that all of this food is delicious, fresh and easy on the pocket.

Waste management:- You will find everything highly organized in Germany. The trash particularly is well-organized. You will see there are dedicated places to consign different types of waste. And all of this trash is recycled. For example, you will not see bottles mixed up with paper trash. People will throw paper where it is to be thrown and bottles where they belong. And the longer you stay in Germany, and the organized you will become.

Strict adherence to the law:- Germany is strict when it comes to abiding by the law. It makes people follow the law of the letter. Imagine that crossing a street on a red light is considered to be a felony! Apart from that, online money transfers to India and other countries worldwide are monitored strictly to stop money laundering and terrorism financing.

Connect through social media:- Albeit the Germans are a little formal people, befriending them is still easy. And this can be done through different social media platforms like Facebook etc. Through these platforms, you will be able to connect with people and widen your social circle.

Employment:- There are many job opportunities in Southern Germany. There are many industries you can find jobs in. But your employment chances depend on your academic background and the skill set you have. In addition to that, your command over German helps you a long way in finding a job and excelling in it.

Weather:- Weather in Germany remains moderate mostly, but in peak winters, the whole of Southern Germany will wear a gloomy look with streets covered in snow. And in summers you will find it to be bright and sunny. Also, expect heavy showers at any point in time during the year.

Conclusion:- In simple words, Southern Germany is a wonderful place to consider by tourists and job-hunters. You will find the region a favourite destination for many. It has a lot to offer in terms of opportunities, culture and heritage and quality education, provided you have what it takes to find a job in Southern Germany.