Things to see and do in Tuscany, Italy?

Do you ever bother to know how expatriates from developing nations like Nepal, Bangladesh and the Philippines send money to Nepal and other developing countries from Tuscany, Italy? This piece will walk you through the important things you should be aware of before you move to Tuscany in Italy.

People from third world countries find it quite alluring to go to the West and Europe for better work opportunities. People from Nepal cannot escape this allurement and end up landing in different European countries, including Italy. From there, they send money back to Nepal to their families to support them financially through some prestigious online money transfer companies such as ACE.

In this context, we will highlight the important things you need to know about Tuscany, including the best way for money transfer to Nepal from your country of residence.

Expensive real estate:- Property in Tuscany is not cheap and normally goes beyond expatriates’ affordability. But, it does not mean that you will not be able to find cheap property anywhere across Tuscany. Rentals and property prices are higher in the city centre because of the international buyers who purchase properties there but on moving to the suburban areas, you will find that the rents and prices drop substantially. There you can manage to afford a rented apartment and can also purchase it.

Crowded streets:- Since Tuscany is home to many sites that you cannot ignore, tourists throng those sites such as Florence, Pisa and Siena, which results in streets being clogged by the people. But, you can avoid these crowds if you wish to by moving to the outskirts of Tuscany where you will many quiet places with a limited number of people.

The darker side:- Not every part of Tuscany is ideal. You will find many factories near the main city billowing smoke from chimneys, adding to the pollution. Traffic here is a nightmare, along with finding a parking space for a touring car, which is just impossible. There is a lot of pollution, which will frustrate as well as amaze you, particularly if you hail from an Asian country. So to avoid heavy traffic and crowd, use the mobile applications of reputable companies like ACE for quick and online money transfers to Nepal.

Learning Italian:- Educational institutions teach Italian and other local dialects in their courses to the students. And in this regard, Tuscany is an ideal place to learn the local language. But, bear in mind that the Italian you will learn in these institutions is different from the one you will hear on the streets.

Proud people:- People in Tuscany are proud. They take pride in their history and the fact that different regions have always remained at daggers drawn from each other. Therefore, mixing with them can be challenging at times since pride erects a barrier between you and them

Hard to befriend:- People in Tuscany are not friendly. They are hard to connect with. They keep to themselves and give little margin to you to integrate fully. You cannot befriend them easily.

Low-quality food:- Food in Tuscany has a wide variety, but unlike other Italian eateries, the hygiene levels are terribly low. You can expect to see rustic food most of the time. So, make your mind already.

Weather:- Tuscany’s weather is extreme. In summers, temperatures reach 40 degrees which will be a challenge to bear if you come from colder places. But, in winters, the weather will see another extreme. You will observe fog, heavy showers and sporadic snowfall. But these extreme spells have a short stay, and mostly the weather remains moderate.

Surprises:- Tuscany is always full of surprises. You can come across a roadblock out of nowhere and a speedy car or bike charging in. So, while you move around, stay alert and conscious.

Employment:- Although job opportunities are available in Tuscany,  they are hard for foreigners to get. So, Tuscany is not ideal for job-seekers. But you can send money to Nepal online once you get your desired job.

Conclusion:- Tuscany is one of the Italian cities with rich culture and alluring architecture. But all of the charms are there for the tourists instead of expatriates seeking jobs. Because the people are unfriendly and rentals are really expensive coupled with not knowing enough of local languages.