Things you should know before sending mobile airtime to Senegal!

Most people have started moving towards online money transfers to send money to other parts of the world. This is because the digital money transfer method has become a reliable source of sending remittances securely nationally and internationally.

If you are also someone who has to send money to Senegal and other parts of the world, you can sue the online money transfer with ease. More than this, you can also use online money transfers to send a mobile airtime top-up to Senegal and also other parts of the world.

A highly trusted way to top up your friends and family’s mobile balance is through ACE Money Transfer. The online top-up platform you get allows you to add airtime credit to mobile phones in 75 countries with only a few simple clicks.

With this service, you can send mobile airtime and top up digitally using the web or mobile apps. You may recharge the mobile data and also the calling time.


How to send a mobile airtime top-up?

Download the apps for sending money online and create your account in any one of them. You will need a mobile phone and also some personal details to do it. Once it is downloaded, you will then send credit using the app or the online recharge your balance in Senegal.

So to send money to Senegal online is a very easy method. The time to get started is now. First, you have to enter the mobile number of Senegal that you want to recharge. Now pick the mobile carrier.


Next, you have to select the amount that you wish to send in USD. The system in these apps will automatically calculate the equal in CFA franc. Next, you have to pick a local mobile carrier and a method of payment. Then you have to click ‘Send Top Up,’ and that is it.

Your mobile recharge is now on its way to get the recipient’s phone. In just a few moments, they get it and will also have funds available on mobile phones.

These apps have very greatly helped minimize the distances and also fasten up the processes of everything. Mobile recharge will help you have the most services done through your phone. Online money transfers to Senegal and other countries have been made highly easy using these services.


Advantages of Online money transfer?

The benefits of these services are as below:

– Balance promotions:

Through these services, you should go ahead and send your money further. Moreover, you may enjoy the mobile carrier promotions through this service so that all your recipients may get more with their mobile top-ups.

Enjoy the double, triple, and sextuple balance promotions offered by the mobile operators when you recharge the mobile phones with us.


– No additional charges:

Through these services, you won’t get to pay any additional fees. However, it means that sending credit to the phone costs you an exact amount that you see on the screens.


– Keep connected:

Internet, SMS, and all of the calls are all the best ways to stay connected. With us, you may make sure that you keep in touch when you need to. Recharge the mobile phones from anyplace and anytime possible.


– No hidden fees:

Adding the airtime to the mobile phones of the loved ones you have is easy, and you see all that you are paying for before you proceed to checkout.


– Transparent process:

The highest level of transparency is what makes your online money transfer highly easy and efficient. So you can trust the mobile credit recharge and also get it done at any time possible.


– Data security

All of your data is kept protected when you are sending money online. Therefore, all this data is not available to anyone other than you or the receiver you are sending money to.

Using the ACE Money Transfer, you get to send money easily and deliver your money to your people anywhere in the world. You can transfer money to Senegal or anywhere around the globe using online money transfers.