Tips for Expatriates – All You Need to Know About Sending Money Online to Pakistan from Italy

With an exciting culture, employment opportunities for the expatriates and much more, Italy is one of the most preferred destinations for Pakistani expatriates. Expatriates from Pakistan go to other countries to seek employment as they find it hard to break away from the abject poverty they find themselves in. From these developed Western countries, they send money to Pakistan through ACE Money Transfer, given its service quality. 

One of the biggest worries that the expatriates worldwide, whose number exceeds 75 million in toto, have is the transfer of money online from a distant land to their families. This worry intensifies in the face of rising online money thefts and scams. And the fact that many unscrupulous online money transfer companies have duped innocent remitters and deprived them of their money adds to the worry and reluctance of the expatriates to send money online

You will find the answer to all of these worries and learn about the tips for sending money safely to Pakistan from Italy, one of the favorite destinations for Pakistani expatriates. 

Taking a brief look at Italy statistically is imperative before the details.

Quick facts about Italy

Rome is one of the most attractive expatriate destinations in Europe, Italy’s capital. According to the 2021 census, its population is estimated to be 58,981,000. And its official currency is Euro. 0.914 Euro equals 1 USD. 

Let’s now study why Pakistani expatriates are rushing to visit Italy.  

Top reasons to visit Italy

Here are some of the top reasons that attract Pakistani expatriates to Italy.

Best quality education with a unique international environment

Italy is popular among students from Pakistan and elsewhere as it has some of the world’s top universities. The atmosphere in these universities is also conducive for international students as it supports their comprehension process. 

Affordable education

The average tuition fee in Italy is around 850 to 1,000 Euros annually. And this is not it. It applies to all the Italian universities and courses available for studies. 

Affordable living cost

The monthly living expenses, including rent, food, housing, commuting and fun, hardly exceed 700 to 1,000 Euros. And that is one of the primary reasons why Pakistani expatriates prefer to go to Italy. 

Arts, history and culture

If you have little interest in any of these, your best bet is to visit Italy. It has a rich history, fascinating arts and exciting culture. The architecture in Italy is so rich and abundant that you will hardly find time to spare for other activities while in Italy. It has a lot of festivals that you simply cannot ignore. 

Employment opportunities

Given that Italy has a small population with a strong economy, many employment opportunities exist. Both the natives and the job-seeking expatriates can have multiple employment opportunities in Italy. 

Italy is cost-effective

Italy is an economically feasible country for students and expatriates who want to go there and earn money. As is stated above, the cost of living in Italy is relatively lower than in many other European countries. Therefore, expatriates from low- to middle-income countries such as Pakistan find it feasible to visit Italy. 

Italian cuisine

In Italy, the kind of food you will find can only be described as heaven for your mouth! Italian cuisine is one of the richest and most delicious in entire Europe. Therefore, you will find plenty of chances to appease your taste buds during your stay in Italy. 

Italian climate 

Italian climate has two extremes. In the summers, the weather in Italy can be hot, dry and even sweltering in some parts of the country. But, rains and snow are frequent during winters, coupled with the biting cold. 

Let’s now look at how you can send money to Pakistan online from Italy. 

How to send money to Pakistan from Italy through the best international money transfer services?

Here are some of the critical steps you must follow to ensure a safe online money transfer. 

Search a few best online money transfer service providers 

The first step is to find a few credible online money transfer services providers. This you can easily do by surfing the internet or by trying to visit the offices of certain companies in person. But beware! Do not get carried away by the alluring optics of the service providers. As they say, all that glitters is not gold! Keep this principle in mind when you go to visit the offices. 

Have an idea about the companies through reviews

You can have a fair idea about the service quality of a concerned company by visiting the official site and reading the customer reviews. This will help you arrive at a sound conclusion about selecting a company. 

For example, the reviews available on the official website of ACE Money Transfer will help you understand the top-notch services that it provides to its valued customers and that there are zero complaints available about any aspect of an international money transfer. 

Make a list of certain service providers.

You will have to note down a few companies at the end of your search with you. By doing this, the rest of the companies with somewhat dubious credentials will filter out automatically. 

Draw comparisons between the services

Now that you have shortlisted a few companies, you need to draw comparisons between the services of these companies. There are many points that you must consider while drawing comparisons. Let’s take a look at those points briefly. 

Service charges or fee

One of the essential points is the fee you have to pay to the service provider. Many companies charge you a high cost for the transactions you make. And ironically, there are many cases where the customers end up paying the service provider more than the intended recipient.   

Hidden fee

See that the companies you want to send money through have set a transparent fee mechanism like that of ACE Money Transfer. Many companies add hidden charges in the transaction bill that they reveal to the remitters only when the said transaction enters a non-reversible mode. And at that time, you have no other option but to pay for it. 

Security of the online money transfer to Pakistan

It is one of the most critical factors that you must consider. Many companies charge extra for offering a secure transaction against ACE Money Transfer’s rule in place. And that is that the security around a transaction is a given and has nothing to do with the fee. Therefore, no wonder then that despite a highly secure online money transfer mechanism, ACE Money Transfer often allows its valued customers to remit money free of cost. 

Currency exchange rates

You must ensure that you remit your remittances through a company that has a flexible system of currency exchange rates like ACE’s. This is how you will be able to initiate a transaction at a time when the rates are at their highest, given that currency exchange rates keep fluctuating in the international market.      

Service availability and broader access

You must ensure that the company’s services are widely available and accessible round the clock. If you have to access the services in a certain time frame and at a particular place, you might incur additional charges, as is the case with banks.

With all of these crucial tips to follow, let’s enter Italy for a virtual visitation! 

Let’s now see the reasons why Pakistani expatriates go to Italy.

The expatriates from Pakistan go to Italy for several reasons explained above. One of the biggest satisfactory points for the Pakistani expatriates who send money to Pakistan from Italy is the presence of the world’s and Europe’s most reliable online money transfer company ACE Money Transfer. Therefore, you must study above how to transfer your funds from Italy through ACE. 

With an operational presence and top-notch services provision in over 100 countries worldwide, ACE Money Transfer aims to facilitate international money transfer for its customers through all means possible, the least of which is the absolutely free of cost transfer more often than not!