What are the top money transfer companies in Pakistan?

If you are a Pakistani living abroad then you must be wondering about how to send money to your family in the best way possible. The option you should be choosing also depends on either you are looking for cash pickup, mobile money and bank deposit. Finding a money transfer company which provides low transfer charges, security and fast transfer is hard. Here are some options that might help you:

  • If you want to send money through bank deposit then you might go for various banks operating in Pakistan.WorldRemit allows you to send money to personal accounts of your families in Pakistan. Your family can collect cash from any of the banks including Allied, Bank Al Habib, Alfalah, Bank of Khyber and Dubai Islamic Bank Pakistan.
  • A financial company called TransferWiseis well-known for money transfer service. The company transfer money at a very low cost. The system based on which this company works is local bank account transfers that allow you to send money abroad in cheaper transfer charges. Their charges depend on the route and the charge fee ranges between 0.5%-0.2percent.
  • You can find a very convenient way of sending and receiving money through It allows you to receive money through any debit card or ATM. Payoneer also allows you to send money directly to the receiver’s bank account.

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