How ACE Money Transfer Helps you Transfer Money to Pakistan?

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is located in the south of Asia. Many people of Pakistan are currently living abroad to earn money and to provide a good lifestyle to their families and children living in Pakistan. According to the census done by the government of Pakistan in 2018, the total population of Pakistan is 212.7 million people.

Out of which almost 8.8 million people are currently living in Abroad. Most of them almost 4.7 million people in Pakistan are living in the Middle East.

According to research, Pakistanis are the second most populous ethnic community of the UK with a population of 1.2 million people living there. These people earn money by doing jobs and other things and send money to Pakistan by using different methods.

Remittance received by the government of Pakistan

Overseas Pakistan’s are the big source of income for the country. The government of Pakistan receives a handsome amount as remittance as the overseas Pakistanis send money to Pakistan.

In the year 2002 to 2020 Pakistan received 3087.35 USD, reaching an all-time high of 6122 USD Million in the second quarter of 2020 and a record low of 906 USD Million in the third quarter of 2003.

Methods of money transfer

  • Here are different methods that are used to send money all around the globe:
  • Conventional methods. (That includes bank cheques, bank drafts, etc.)
  • Money transfer through an agent.
  • Online money transfer service.
  • These are the methods that are used by the people to send money to Pakistan.

Simple steps to steps to send money to Pakistan by using online money transfer service

Follow the given steps to send money to Pakistan

  • Download the mobile app of online money transfer service or get Yousef registered at its website.
  • After that enter your name, address, and your phone number.
  • Then enter the location where you want to transfer your money.
  • Enter the recipient’s name, address, and phone number.
  • Enter the amount you wish to transfer.
  • Select any easy method for cash payment.
  • At the end press the SEND MONEY option to send your money.
  • A notification will inform you and the recipient about the money transfer.

In case of any problem immediately call the helpline or contact on the given email of that online service.

Benefits of Online money transfer service

  • There are many benefits of online money transfer service some of them are discussed below:
  • It saves your time with its fastest service of money transfer.
  • Its money transfer tax or fee is very cheap and easily affordable for everyone.
  • No need physically go anywhere to ban etc.
  • While you are using an online money transfer service you just need an internet connection and a mobile phone or a tablet to send money to Pakistan.
  • Multiple currency exchange option is available for the users.
  • It deals in the following currencies Indian Rupees, Pakistani Rupees, Nigerian Naira, Danish krone, European Euro, Iranian Riyal, Kuwaiti Dinar, Japanese Yen, and Bangladeshi Taka, etc.
  • There are thousands of cash pick up locations all around the world for the ease of the customers.
  • The recipient can select the most suitable cash pick up the location of their own choice.

These are some of the best services that online money transfer service provides you at one platform do what are you waiting for quickly shift to it and enjoy its unbelievable services.

Wrap up

People always long for the legit service providers that can release their tensions and give them peace. When you have all your favourites at one platform then the happiness gets multiplied. Using an online money transfer service makes you feel the same experience so try it today.