Transfer your Cash with Debit Card – Cash Transfer

Cash Transfer

In the past sending Cash was one lengthy and messed up process which sometimes even take several days, but now it is one easy process especially for the immigrants who love to send the money back to their homes anytime they want. As there are several money transfer services operating around the world like Ace Money Transfer.

Money Transfer Problems

But in the past, things were not the same, as people had to find the agent who can send their money back to their homeland. Finding an agent is a different thing, but trusting them for their service was a separate mess. And even there was a huge queue of people all standing for a single person to get their money back to their loved ones. It surely costs them pretty much of their precious time, and furthermore, the fee for the money transfers was as high as the original price to be sent. Then of course when the cash will receive in their homeland then due to high exchange rate the money to be received was very low.

Debit Cards

But after the advent of debit cards, things have been changed totally. And the best thing about these cards is that you need not go through the lengthy documentation process. Just a single application form is good to go, and you will receive your debit card in just a few days. This card is directly linked to your bank account, and all the transactions made through it will be debited from your bank account. Every year you have to pay a very small amount in the form of card fee. Besides that, this card has a daily limit, and you will only have to pay the transaction fee if you go above that limit, on a daily basis.