Transferring Money to Bangladesh is Easier Than Ever

It’s a common perception about asian people that they are very sharp minded and hard working. A lot of european firms and corporations hire intelligent minds from India, Pakistan & Bangladesh and give them good opportunities and the right platform to show their talent. 

Now come to the point, if you belong to Bangladesh and are living in the UK or any European country you can transfer money to Bangladesh using online remittance providers.

There are different companies that provide business remittance and home remittance. Usually the companies that provide both services keep business remittance on priority. 

There are some well reputed companies that are focused on home remittance services and their top priority is common people working abroad. 

ACE Money Transfer is one of the best home remittance provider companies. You can use its services by creating an account on ACE APP or you can also use its online web portal. 

Before you create at an account make sure to provide correct information about yourself. Once your account is created you can directory transfer funds using ACE account.

Just enter the amount  and you will see the currency exchange rates and also the transfer fee. 

They charge very less as compared to other online remittance services providers and also gives you good currency exchange rates.