Transferring Money to Gambia is No More a Hassle

Gambia is a developing country, but their youth has a lot of potential. It is not much possible for them to show this in their homeland, so a number of Gambians move to other countries for a better lifestyle. There is a large number of expats in UK and Europe, who are doing different jobs. Their objective is to send money to Gambia to take care of their loved ones. After all, they spent a huge amount to move from Gambia to a developed country, so their families expects a lot from them.

When it comes to send money online, banks and money transfer companies are working all over the UK and Europe. In this COVID-19 pandemic, almost all the companies are providing online money transfer services to the expats and other customers. Family remittance is on the rise, due to many expats in developed countries.

For money transfer to Gambia, many Gambians trust on ACE Money Transfer due to their exceptional exchange rates and low fee. Cash pick-up is one of the preferred solution for Gambians, and that is ACE offer to its customers.