Trends to send money online

send money online

Money sent to any country in the whole world was considered as dodged a bullet. The advancement in technology changed the concept related to sending money online. If you are traveling to another country and you need money, you can easily use online money transactions and get better money exchange rates.


Different companies are providing their best services to send money globally from any location. With the ease of internet technology, people can transfer their money simply by online banking system or by using the apps. You can easily pay your bills and other necessary payments by using an online money transfer service. One needs to use the credit or debit cards for electronically sending money to any country.

One attractive and eye-catching offer is available for the students. There is an internet program often connected to the card. The person adds money to the card through a bank account or load from any store. This opportunity is commonly the best for use by anyone of your friend or family member. Parents give the money card to their son or daughter. This card acts as a prepaid credit card. You don’t need to go from the hassle ways.

Tips to go through while using the online money transfer

Many services are in the market are following high cut off technologies to give their best services. Some tips need to be followed. For overseas, you need to be sure about the process of sending money available in the other country. You must have the account in the bank and for a transaction, you need to provide the recipient’s name and account number. This work is possible by the bank from branch to branch. Wire transfer service is another key feature that you can use online. This service is provided to the bank customers and noncustomers.

The bank charges are high to receive the foreign exchange and the currency exchange rates are not possible to monitor when the payment will be received. Before going to adopt any service to send money globally. You must have to do the proper research and check out the money exchange rates and another service.

If you are in a hurry to pay the bill, just the last date, online transferring of money is the most bedrock option at the moment. Every Kind of an online purchase like buying groceries, ordering Pizza or even scheduling a doctor’s appointment, can be done by just one click.

The international money transfers are more likely from Asian countries like China, Japan, and India, have the highest ratio of receiving money from the most popular countries such as the US and the UK. You can also transfer your transaction through the bank by using a visa re-loadable gift card.

Why the people of Nigeria Looking to send money to Nigeria?

The most precious thing in the world is your loved ones. Every person tries its’ best to provide comfort to their family and live them every possible way to live according to their standards. The people living outside of their homeland Nigeria want to send money that is more fastly received by their family especially on special occasions.

ACE Money Transfer

ACE is not just the name but it’s a complete brand. Present in more than 70 countries and offering affordable charges. One can easily transfer the money to Nigeria by ACE Money Transfer.

Sending money to Overseas Using Credit or Debit Cards

Many transfer companies are not more than plastic bags, which means charging high fees in terms of serving their services. Somehow credit cards or debit cards are one of the expensive selection but still in use by many customers. Possible ways to send money globally are given here.

Bank Account

Anyone who wants to send money to Nigeria as an overseas from your bank account either online, over the phone, or by visiting the nearest branch. One should keep in mind that online sending money to any country by using your credit card is somehow results in higher rates of interest.

Western Union and MoneyGram

The best services to send money online by using credit cards are Western Union and MoneyGram. Western Union and MoneyGram allow you to pay online to transfer on thousands of locations. MoneyGram will also allow for in-person transfers through the credit card.


PayPal is renounced for its remarkable policies to send your money online by PayPal.2.9 % of your transaction amount and almost $0.30 per transaction.


Overseas should go for the OFX service just through, you can get about $0 transfer fees and another bonus that is looking for you is the excellent exchange rate.


TransferWise is the name that hits your mind in the rush hour. You can pay no debit card fees for transfers to select countries. You will get the super mid-market rate on all currency trade.

Best utilization possibilities for domestic money transfer with the debit card

Google wallet

GoogleWallet is a big factor in transferring your money globally with the debit card. Free transaction at your door is knocking. When your recipient receives the transfer, the money will be automatically shifted to the bank account that gets linked to their debit card.


SquareCash is a big hit for its online customers. It’s free to get your money with a debit card. Both the side factors, receiver, and the sender are at the safe edge. The downside is that the recipient will have to wait for a few days for the money to be transferred from square Cash to their bank account. To withdraw the person need to pay 1%.


Venmo is not providing instant withdrawals, but even then you can use it to send money via debit card.

Nigeria Money Transfer App

No need to go through the frustrating delays or standing in queue options, just click TalkRemit. Your money can securely be at its destination point just within minutes. TalkRemit has flexible payout options. Cutting-edge technology is the implementation of the TalkRemit app.

The mobile app is one of the top trendings and authorized way of transferring your money online to Nigeria. This service is not only limited specific for Nigeria but also playing its role in other countries too.