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send money online to Ghana

Are you looking for an online money transfer service to send money to Ghana with low transfer rates? Well, you might have experienced that earning money while being away from your home is relatively easier than sending it to your dear ones while considering less loss of money by posting it online.

ACE has earned its name in this regard. You can now comfortable in the process of money transfer to Ghana using our service as ACE Online Money Transfer Service provider is offering you the best transfer service with fast remittance and most versatile money transfer options. ACE Money Transfer Service is providing the best service all around the world, and its network is expanding with every passing day.

ACE Online Money Transfer

From now onward you can send money in Ghana using ACE Online Money Transfer Service for it gives you the best features that include:

  • Easy transfer
  • Fast remittance
  • Low transfer cost
  • Multiple cash pick up points
  • Various payment methods
  • Experienced professionals
  • Good customer reviews

That money transfer service provider has 17 years of experience in the niche of worldwide online money transfer. It is delivering a unique service all around the world.

Online Money Transfer Method:

You can send money online using money transfer service by following some simple steps mention below:

  • You will have first to register yourself on our website, or you can download our ACE Money Transfer App
  • You will then select a transfer method
  • Add recipient’s information
  • Enter the amount for transfer

Then you will receive a confirmation message regarding the successful transfer of money. It will most probably transfer in one or two days.

Send Money to Ghana Conveniently:

Transfer money to Ghana was not this easy before. Online money transfer is a milestone in the history of online services. It has caused ease to millions of people living all around the world to send money globally. Nowadays, people mostly have to leave their country to earn and are worried about the online money transfer. They make their families’ living with a lot of hard work and after a prolonged, painful period. Hence, what they want is exceptional service with better security measures that could help them complete this task in the best possible way.

Valuable Reviews of a Regular Customer:

Evens Kofi says after he left Ghana for work, he kept saving money for his family. When he had earned enough to send money online to Ghana to his family, the only possible way he knew was transactions through banks, so he tried it, but unfortunately, the process was painstaking and worthless.

He got deprived of much of his savings in all this procedure. Sending money through banks was a nightmare for him, and then after a long search, he got to know about online money transfer service. He used it and found it worthy as it just required a person to sit and use his mobile and internet to send money globally. He wrote his experience on our webpage. So online money transfer company is a very innovative feature of today’s online services.

Also send money to other countries like Ghana, India, Nepal, Philippines & Uganda.


You can easily send money to Ghana online using an online money transfer service. It would not require long tours to banks and won’t waste your time either. All you’ll need will be a smartphone or personal computer of any type with internet access. It would help you save your money from unnecessary cutting and relieve your tensions regarding online money transfer. Step ahead, ACE is with you!