Want to Send Money Quickly: Use of ACE Money Transfer Mobile Application!

send money to Pakistan

The innovative approaches in online money transfer are making use of technology. ACE Money Transfer provides the best online money transfer system to send money to Pakistan and hundred-plus countries worldwide through the website and mobile application. The organization allows making transactions with electronic money in the best possible way.

The Trend of Mobile Usage in Money Transfer:

The mobile economy is taken over in every field in the past few years. According to the report of Groupe Speciale Mobile Association i.e. ‘Mobile Economy 2017’, the number of mobile subscribers was expected to jump 5.7 million in 2020 from 4.8 million calculated in 2016 end. From food delivery to hotel booking and money transfer, the use of mobile transactions. And everybody these days need this level of convenience in every work. Therefore, different banks and online money transfer organizations have buildup their respective mobile applications. The application allows you to access your account easily through the mobile application.

ACE Money Transfer:

Aftab Currency Exchange Limited is owned by Aftab Group of Companies. ACE Money Transfer is the brand name of Aftab Currency Exchange Limited. The organization is based in the United Kingdom. It has been serving in West England since 2002. It has its head office in Suite 602, Piccadilly House, 49 Piccadilly, Manchester M1 2AP, United Kingdom. You can transfer your electronic money via ACE. It has emerged with a reputable name and competent services for the customers. ACE offers the lowest fee & best exchange rates for money transfer to Pakistan and 100+ countries worldwide. It promises its customers to have an excellent money transfer experience. ACE sends money from twenty-three countries. And it has an online money transfer service to more than 90 countries. These countries are from all continents like Asia, Africa, Europe, and America.

ACE Money Transfer app:

You can download the money transfer app on your smartphone. And can enjoy the services on your screen all the time. One can send money online through the app and can operate all other functions and services. The app is available to be downloaded in the app store and play store. IOS users can download the application from the app store. The link to the ACE Money Transfer app on the app store is: https://apps.apple.com/pk/app/ace-money-transfer/id1290922727

Android users can download it from the play store. And the link to the app on the play store is: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.acemoneytransfer.android

Send Money Online Through ACE Mobile App:

The online money transfer system of ACE is very simple and convenient. You can easily send money to Pakistan online, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Ghana and many other countries by using the application of ACE. Online money transfer to any country is a three-step procedure. The three-step process is as follows:

  • Choose the country and amount
  • Select the recipient
  • Send money

The online money transfer service of ACE has many benefits for people. Especially the people living abroad can send money online through ACE. They can money transfer as remittance or funds to family members or any individual. Also, the money transfer procedure via the ACE application is:

  • Safe, secure and reliable.
  • Convenient, simple and easy.
  • Quick, fast and instant.

But for money transfer online the steps of registration and login are to be done first. After these steps, you can perform money transfer and collection by using the services of ACE.

How to register with the ACE Money Transfer App?

You have to register first to use the online service of money transfer via ACE. The registration makes you a member of the ACE family. And by registration, you become a member of ACE and own an account there. For registration, you require to enter some personal details. The information includes:

  • Name
  • email address
  • password
  • address
  • phone number

And a few details

You can register by using your email ID or Facebook account. And through the registration, you can enjoy the services and have access to login into your account anytime anywhere. If anyone is already registered at the website then only the login is required.

Pros of ACE Money Transfer app:

The app provides you with many benefits. The various services that the member of ACE can enjoy through its application are as follows:

  • The customer can manage the account online through the application.
  • The application is always available on the screen of the smartphone of the customer.
  • The data about personal details can be changed anytime whenever the customer requires it.
  • The person owning the account can change and manage the settings according to the choice.
  • The person can log in to the account easily anywhere via an internet connection. And enjoy the facility of sending money anytime.
  • You can find and check the exchange rates anytime through the app as it changes every day.
  • You can find and check all the information about sending money to any country.
  • The contact number and details of ACE customer care and support are available in the application.
  • The app also helps to find the fee for sending remittances or funds to any country.

Features of the Money Transfer App:

The application promises the following features and services to the customer at its downloading site:

  • One can invite friends to install and use the application through the “invite friends” option in your account.
  • It provides useful notifications about anything happening to the customers on their respective screens.
  • ACE Money Transfer has a customer certificate for the receiver to make the collection. You can download this certificate easily from the application of ACE.
  • There are further some underlying implementations by ACE that are going on. These are to make the application faster for its customers or members.


The online money transfer to Pakistan and other countries through ACE Money Transfer is secure, fast and convenient. Along with the website, ACE also has its app available. It sends money online globally to more than 90 countries. The online money transfer via the ACE application is easy, safe and quick. You can send money through an easy three-step procedure. You should download the app to get more services from the app. And get access to ACE all the time on the mobile screens.