Voice-Based International Remittance: How Does It Work?

The idea of a voice-based international remittance service was considered two years back. The purpose was to help non-residents to transfer money in the country anywhere at any bank. The core motive behind this initiative was to make money transfer easy.

Voice-Based international remittance service helps residents to transfer money to any other bank through voice command. ICICI, India’s most prominent corporate bank, recently launched a money transfer method through voice command. The service is beneficial, especially for foreigners. They can manage quick and instant online money transfers just by sending a voice command.

How to Send Money over Voice?

The specific mobile application requires the recipient to be registered while sending and receiving money transfers. The following remittance service requires a user to call for the recipient’s name and the desired amount of transfer. 

The application utilizes the Siri platform for voice-based technology to undertake the interaction. So, when people give voice-command, Siri converts the voice instructions to text. The Siri is equipped with Natural Language Processing (NLP) and displays a user interface to complete confirmation requests. 

Once all the details are verified, Siri hand over the confirmation requests to the mobile application. 

This whole process from money transfer to money transaction is secured, and all confidential and financial information is saved and secured. However, ACE Money Transfer is a reliable money transfer for all of your remittance transactions. Whether it is about sending money to another bank account or across the borders, ACE Money Transfer provides you with extensive money transfer services. 

Effect of Money Transfer on Economies

International remittances affect the economy of sending and receiving countries. UN DESA’s global migration report, released in December 2017, says that about 258 million people are migrants. Generally, developing countries are the beneficiaries of these remittances as the high-income, developed countries host many migrants. 

According to a world bank report, international remittances contribute considerably towards the economies of the countries. It is an obvious fact that people migrate from their homeland in search of better livelihood. In the process of doing so, they also send money transfers back to the motherland to support financial needs.

ACE Money Transfer is an ideally suited international remittance platform renowned for delivering world-class money transfer services. People can send instant money transfers with ACE, whether to the recipient’s account or in the form of cash pickup. All you need is an online account on the official ACE Money Transfer web portal and self-service your funds’ transfer via the ACE app. 

Enhanced Customer Experience & Digital Transfer

Banks and other money transfer services always try to enhance customer experience by ensuring standard metrics. Businesses with well-oriented customer experience tend to show better growth and accomplishment. 

By introducing a voice-based remittance experience, people will quickly send a money transfer to different bank accounts. The future is simply offering efficient operations to facilitate customers’ convenience. Following the voice-based assistance in money transfer operations, one can expect ease, efficiency, and reliability of all transactions. People will also be able to use this feature for managing money transfers via mobile applications. 

Why should you choose ACE Money Transfer Service?

Since 2002, ACE Money transfer is providing its services concerning money transfer facilities worldwide. ACE is recognized for delivering dignified money transfer services in almost 106 countries around the globe. With the aid of an innovative and robust ACE mobile application, you can send transfer funds in just a few simple steps. 

Using ACE Money Transfer for your regular, monthly, or annual transactions is easier than it looks. You can send your first money transfer by following these simple steps: 

  • Select recipient’s location
  • Select payout option (i.e., bank or cash)
  • Select payout partner
  • Enter transfer amount 
  • Provide beneficiary information
  • Select payment method (Online bank transfer/ Debit card/ Credit card)

And you are done! Complete the process, and your money will be transferred in the shortest possible time. You can sign up using Google, Facebook, or Twitter account. Create a free account today, and start enjoying hurdle-free money transfers.