Want to send money to Nigeria online?

send money to Nigeria online

For send money to Nigeria  ACE Money Transfer is a smarter choice. Remittance inflows are increased in all the regions. Nigeria officially known as the Federal Republic of Nigeria is a country in West Africa. It is the 5th biggest remittance recipient in the World with the $22 billion remittances after India, China, Philippines, and Mexico respectively, according to the World Bank. Nigeria is the top remittance recipient in Africa with $21.9 billion. Personal remittance received in 2018 in Nigeria estimated by the World Bank staff in current US dollars 24,311,030.00.

Online money transfer organization

Some trusted online money transfer services are given below. You can select one of them of your choice.


This is a fast low-cost online money transfer service to send money to Nigeria. There is no hidden fee to surprise you, all the fees detail in written on their website. Also, the estimated time is written there. For example, if sending money from America to Nigeria, it will take one day to complete your transaction because it is a popular route. If the route is not popular, transfer time may effect. Available payment methods for sending money to Nigeria are direct debit, credit card, debit card, and bank transfer. This service is convenient to use.


WorldRemit is a cost-effective way to transfer money to Nigeria. It provides you with three facilities for money transfer that are Bank deposit, Airtime top-up, cash pickup. For the cash pickup, the transaction completed within 3 minutes. You can send money over five networks to Nigeria. For the bank transfer, transaction will be completed on the same day when transaction is made. You can send money to all major banks in Nigeria. These banks are 6 in number. You can do Airtime top-up over 5 networks in Nigeria. This is a flexible way to send money online.


TRANSFAST is the number one lowest cost remittance by the World Bank data if you send money to the USA to Nigeria. Delivery packages provided by the TransFast are Value+, Fastrack, and Fastrack. From the value+, the transaction completed in 3 to 5 business days. Both of the Fastrack is instant for 24 hours, first is pay by the bank and the other is pay by debit card. The delivery options that they provide are bank transfer and cash pick up. For the bank transfer, your transaction is completed in 1 to 2 business days. There are approximately more than 600 locations nationwide and money is available to pick up at your selected location.


AZIMO provides you with an instant status update and delivers your cash in under 30 minutes to Nigeria. They are sending money to Nigeria for over 5 years. They do directly to bank and SWIFT money transfer.

Western Union

Western Union is known best for online money transfer. They provide your bank with a bank transfer, cash pickup, and bank transfer. You can pick up your cash at approximately 5,000 locations in Nigeria. You can estimate your price by using a price estimator provided by them. Western Union makes it easy to reload prepaid mobile phone minutes for the people who live in Nigeria.

XOOM- A PayPal service

It is the fastest way to send money to Nigeria. They provide fast cash pick up and fast bank deposits. You can pick up your cash from First Bank, Ecobank, and Skye Bank instantly. The Banks that do fast bank deposits for XOOM are First Bank, Ecobank, Skye Bank. They give you personal customer support and give you the offer of the money-back guarantee.

Money Gram

Money gram is a reliable service to send money to Nigeria. They offer bank transfer and cash pickup. They have a connection with more than 12 banks.

RIA money transfer

This is also a popular service because it has 385,000 approximately locations worldwide. For sending money, you just have to make an account (signup), create a transaction and send money to Nigeria. They did approximately 4 billion transfers sent.

Other money transfer ways

Some people don’t like to use online money transfer services because they thought online money transfer services do not trustworthy or have high prices.

These ways are checks and bank transfer. Checks are a slower way to send many overseas. Banks charge a lot for wire transfer sometimes.

ACE Money Transfer

If you are not happy with using any of service listed here, you can find the other one. ACE Money Transfer is the global name of remittance. It allows sending money online at any time with a low fee. They send your money instantly. Their transactions are safe and easy to make.

Bank deposit to Nigeria

ACE Money Transfer is doing instant money transfer to Nigeria. This is a cheap way to send money to Nigeria. Your bank deposit transaction is completed in just 4 hours. When the transaction is made your money will be ready to pick up from the branches of the following banks.

  • United Bank of Africa
  • First City Monument Bank PLC in Nigeria
  • Guaranty Trust Bank in Nigeria
  • Access Bank in Nigeria
  • Heritage Bank in Nigeria
    Imperial Homes in Nigeria
    Keystone bank limited in Nigeria
    Skye Bank Plc in Nigeria
    Standard Chartered Bank in Nigeria
    Sterling Bank Plc in Nigeria
  • Diamond Bank in Nigeria
  • First Bank of Nigeria
  • Zenith Bank in Nigeria
  • ECOBANK PLC Nigeria
  • Union Bank of Nigeria Plc
  • UNITY BANK PLC in Nigeria
  • WEMA BANK PLC in Nigeria.

You can make a transaction so easily by the ACE website. You can use their app to perform all functions and activities are visible o you. This is easy and convenient to use this service. This service is trusted by VISA, MasterCard, and Trustly. You can see the daily exchange rates on their website. You can use their website to attain all the services. Business & Foreign Currency Accounts are not being entertained for a bank deposit in Nigeria. ACE Money transfer provides you admirable services and great exchange rates. It gives you amazing remittance experience.